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Manufacturers need to be sure the documentation in the manufacturing and logistics processes of their products is complete, whether it’s because of legal regulations or for quality assurance reasons.

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In the future, batch production will be characterized by collaborative materials planning. This kind of materials planning is based on a consistent data model through networked applications. Effective, collaborative materials planning compiles data from a variety of sources and makes it accessible in a format that allows for quick decision-making.

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Hazardous substances and mixtures require close attention in operational practice and are subject to numerous statutory regulations. In terms of efficiency, holistic management of hazardous substances is best suited to meet the complex requirements.

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The reel in every variety

by Benjamin Pöll

Our current blog post of expert Benjamin Pöll “The reel in every variety” clearly presents you how you can easily create and demonstrate role requirements and production orders. Read more!

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Data & Analytics, ERP

Production controlling reduces costs and increases quality

by Michael Hering

Planning plays a major role in manufacturing. Manufacturing and assembly are often divided into individual steps that have to be linked together in a multi-stage planning process. But good planning is not the same as fighting half the battle. After all, discrepancies can occur during production that influence the due dates, quality, or costs of the end product.

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Industry 4.0 & IoT, ERP

Why Digital Maintenance Management Is the Best Strategy

by Nico Zobel

Read in our blog to discover the benefits of digital maintenance and why it should be integrated into enterprise software.

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