Christmas Donation 2019

You decide, we donate - COSMO CONSULT’s Christmas donation campaign

Let’s be honest: the value of wall calendars, pens or mouse pads with the company logo printed on them is relatively insignificant. But that’s not what Christmas is actually about anyway.

These small gifts are symbols of something that can be expressed in two simple words: “Thank you” - Thank you for your collaboration, the countless successful projects, your long-lasting loyalty and for simply being our customer.

We have given a lot of thought to how we could thank you and also make a real difference. Our idea: We are going to donate the money we would usually spend on Christmas gifts - and you decide who will receive it.

This is how it works

By simply clicking on the respective checkbox, you can decide which of the following five organizations we will support. The top three will receive a donation of

  • 5000 euros (first place)
  • 3000 euros (second place)
  • 2000 euros (third place).

Which organization should receive donation checks from COSMO CONSULT this year?

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At the beginning of January 2020, we will let you know which three aid organizations have won.