The former British crown colony of Hong Kong is located on the South China coast and means "Fragrant Port". For many, the city is the epitome of wealth, glamour and globalisation.  As a cultural and scientific centre with many designated nature conservation areas, it has much more to offer.

Despite more than 150 years of British influence and a western appearance of the city, life in Hong Kong is still Chinese. Traditional Chinese medicine dominates in the health sector, culture is dominated by Chinese theatre, and if, for example, a skyscraper is not built according to Feng Shui criteria, some floors are sometimes demolished. 


Gateway to the Asian market

Just as Hong Kong's port has always been the gateway to the world, the city itself is considered the gateway to the Asian market, especially by Western investors. And this market will become increasingly important in the future, because the emerging markets of Asia have now become strong economies that occupy the top positions worldwide and, with China, have the largest economy in their ranks.

Of course, companies have recognized how important the Asian economic region is for the further development of their own business. The establishment of trade and production locations in China has been part of the standard repertoire of Western companies for many years. But the rapidly growing consumer sector is also becoming increasingly attractive for international suppliers.

In our Hong Kong office, both interested companies from the region as well as existing international customers will find local contacts who combine profound market knowledge with the broadly diversified industry and digitization expertise of COSMO CONSULT.

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