COSMO for you

COSMO for you

Find out what role COSMO plays in the lives of our COSMOnauts and how COSMO supports at different stages of life.

Social Support by COSMO CONSULT

Social support 

Many of our COSMOnauts are socially engaged - and we think that's great! For this reason, we support 12 COSMOnauts each year with 1,000 euros for a social project in which they are personally involved. One of the participants so far is Sorin, who is actively engaged in helping more and more orphan children become part of a loving, supportive and safe family.

Family foundation

Family foundation

Our COSMOnaut Carina had to go through a pregnancy with ups and downs. During the good times as well as the hard times, she has been supported by COSMO - from working hours, through maternity leave, until today. For her, COSMO is not just an employer, COSMO is there for her and has helped her to take courage and persevere during the hard times. We are infinitely grateful for Carina and are very happy about her newborn. #onecosmo

Stay abroad with COSMO

Stay abroad

Stays abroad are important for broadening one's horizons, deepening language skills and acquiring intercultural competencies. If the conditions are right, COSMOnauts are given the opportunity to get to know a location of their choice and to gain professional experience there. Our COSMOnaut Sandro, for example, decided to spend four weeks at our Gothenburg site in Sweden during his training. #maintainagrowthmindset

Work-life balance in COSMO CONSULT

Work-life balance

Our COSMOnaut Ansgar has many hobbies: martial arts, running and basketball. Since he can freely arrange his working hours, he has the opportunity to pursue his hobbies at any time besides work. He also finds similarities between martial arts and his job: every opponent and every fighting style is unique. The work at COSMO is similar. Since the areas of responsibility are so varied, it never gets boring and you always learn something new. #doitwithpassion

Perspectives in COSMO CONSULT


Monika joined COSMO CONSULT in the summer of 2015 as a career changer with a passion for software and an interest in making people's lives easier with digital solutions. While she familiarized herself with the ERP world, which was new to her, she built up a new cloud business of COSMO CONSULT with a small team. Since 2017, the challenge was added to support all resellers of COSMO products worldwide as Partner Manger. Dear Monika, thank you for your energy and passion. #beproudofwhatyoudo

Women in Dynamics