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Jennifer Medwenitsch & Pia Gegenhuber

Ensuring transparency and efficiency in calculations

The superheroes Print and Pack have made it their mission to support companies in the printing and packaging industry on their way to a digital future. Join the heroes of the printing and packaging sector on their adventures to find the perfect solution for complex challenges to enhance transparency, traceability and efficiency.

The recurrent data chaos and calculations by instinct

Complex manufacturing processes and large-scale production quantities - our superheroes Print and Pack are very familiar with this background. The majority of customers’ orders are tied to long terms, while production takes place at various locations.  In addition, companies may struggle with time-consuming cost estimations due to a lack of standardized calculations and production costs can exceed the previously agreed offers, which leads to dissatisfied clients. How can regulated procedures be implemented to speed up this approval process and avoid economic losses in the future?

industry solution

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There are many ways leading to the goal. However, do they all lead to the optimal solution?

Imagine the following situation: You start as a new member of a sales team in a successful packaging company and are supposed to familiarise yourself with existing processes. However, you are in despair as you do not know where to start. Your predecessor retired and all the know-how left with them, so it seems. Since there are no consistent filing structures nor a calculation standard, no conclusions can be drawn from previous offers. Furthermore, it is impossible to figure out the procedures of the rest of the colleagues as everyone comes to a conclusion, but how they got there is incomprehensible. Long-time employees stick to paper and pen and those who consider themselves technophiles use Excel. It does not take you long to conclude that this cannot go on like this. This situation asks for a quick and simple solution.

Not everything that takes long comes out all right – Time-consuming and incorrect cost estimations

After a detailed analysis, the superheroes Print and Pack decide that the existing cost estimations are far too time consuming. The large amount of data required is collected with difficulty, although the same content is used again and again. That means you and your colleagues carry out some of the work steps twice. Therefore, the responses to price enquiries are often far too late and frequently contain calculation errors due to the many price components.


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Transparent costing data documentation – On the road to success by applying the modular principle

Print and Pack identify all data, from set-up times to material consumption, which could be decisive when it comes to costs. They collect all components and provide you with a coherent cost template. From now on, all costs for all components and process steps can be collected, stored and retrieved later. A standardised workflow provides consistent calculations. Not only is the necessary data recorded in the system, but also interdependencies can be illustrated. Furthermore, you will now be a master in identifying erroneous agreements so that there are no future discrepancies in the calculations.

Obscure cost estimations are a thing of the past – Standardised templates are the future

Print and Pack digitise this process by means of "quick calculation" and "CRM integration" making the preparation of your offers more efficient and standardised. Optimised transparency and enhanced traceability can speed up costing and reduce the frequency of errors. Thus, inefficient quotes are avoided and client satisfaction is improved.

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