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COSMO 365 Marketplace: a new digital platform for business applications in the cloud

Gero Brinkbäumer05/23/2018
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The cloud is booming. More and more companies are recognizing the many possibilities and business opportunities that are produced by taking advantage of modern cloud-based business solutions. Bitkom, Germany's digital association, reckons that two-thirds of all German companies already use the cloud, and the number is rising. The success of the cloud is no accident: The external provision of computing capacity, storage space and software via the internet significantly reduces the expense of implementing and maintaining a company’s own IT. In addition, cloud services can be quickly and flexibly adapted to meet changing needs.

With the new COSMO 365 Marketplace, the COSMO CONSULT Group has now established a digital platform where companies that use the software can easily purchase, deploy and centrally manage their Microsoft-based cloud solutions. The COSMO 365 Marketplace was developed in cooperation with CANCOM - one of the most renowned providers of public and private cloud solutions and a pioneer in the field. "As a multi-cloud provider, we help our customers and partners find the optimal IT sourcing solution for every business scenario," says Khaled Chaar, Vice President Multi Cloud/Public Cloud at CANCOM. "We are therefore very pleased that in future the customers of our partner COSMO CONSULT will also benefit from our approach by using the COSMO 365 Marketplace."

The COSMO 365 Marketplace offers the complete Microsoft business portfolio in the cloud, ranging from the comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to Office 365, SharePoint and Power BI, to the modern Azure infrastructure. In addition to this, users can choose from a wide range of COSMO CONSULT solutions and service packages, as well as a variety of support and consulting services. There are also plans to integrate other technology partners in order to provide holistic, end-to-end business solutions and multi-cloud solutions. The COSMO 365 Marketplace not only serves as a common platform for choosing, ordering and managing solutions, but also acts as an online portal for access to all functions provided via SaaS (Software as a Service) regardless of location or device used.

"The core idea of the COSMO 365 Marketplace is simplicity - in terms of solution selection as well as administration and operational use," explains Gerrit Schiller, a member of the board of directors of COSMO CONSULT AG and responsible for the COSMO CONSULT product portfolio. The platform offers uniform contract management, including aggregated invoicing for all deployed solutions. The users themselves do not have to log in separately for each application. After a single sign-on they can use all functions of all applications that are relevant for them. Updates are installed automatically without interrupting ongoing operations, so that the applications are always up to date. At the same time, a company's own set of solutions can be easily adapted to current requirements. Most of what is offered can be tested for 30 days without obligation.

"For a long time, enterprise software has been an indispensable tool for dealing with all business needs efficiently in a user-friendly manner," adds Gerrit Schiller. "The cloud is making this tool even easier to use and even more versatile. With the COSMO 365 Marketplace, we offer our current and prospective customers a one-stop shop that provides them with state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies without having to worry about infrastructure, operation, maintenance or updates. This gives our users the freedom they need to focus on their business strengths."

COSMO 365 Marketplace - Several business applications, one platform

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