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Artificial intelligence is the future: COSMO CONSULT acquires MAX-CON DATA SCIENCE, which specializes in mathematical optimization of business processes

Gero Brinkbäumer09/27/2017

Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics partner COSMO CONSULT has bolstered its strength in the field of solutions for intelligent business decisions by acquiring MAX-CON DATA SCIENCE GmbH. The Würzburg data science specialist is one of the pioneers in the development of mathematical models for self-learning and predictive business applications that are used, among other things, in dynamic pricing scenarios, customer intelligence and inventory and/or logistics optimization. Combining the solutions with the modern Microsoft Azure platform enables the flexible and seamless use of the optimization functions as services. At the same time, COSMO CONSULT will make use of the collective expertise for the further development of future technologies, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

Digital technologies are not just transforming our everyday lives, they are also transforming companies. According to an survey by the IT industry association Bitkom, almost 90 percent of all companies see digital transformation as an opportunity for their business. At the same time, the subject of artificial intelligence (or AI for short) is considered to be of crucial importance. "Systems with artificial intelligence are already taking on tasks ranging from the acquisition and consolidation of information, to the execution of hazardous, dirty, physically demanding work, to providing support for management decisions," says Dr. Mathias Weber, head of the IT Services department at Bitkom, who also predicts that "the range of services performed by AI will expand significantly".

Microsoft has also recognized the potential of AI solutions and made the issue a key component of its business strategy, with the goal of developing ERP environments that are imbued with artificial intelligence. By integrating MAX-CON DATA SCIENCE, one of the pioneers of mathematical models and algorithms for the intelligent use of company data, the COSMO CONSULT Group has underlined its commitment to trailblazing AI technologies. The international team of highly qualified mathematicians, computer scientists and data analysts will support the development of COSMO CONSULT solutions and services for the optimization of decision-making in industrial, commercial and service companies as a core expert unit.

"Our strength is providing our customers with a completely new look at their own business," said Roland Abele, managing director of MAX-CON DATA SCIENCE GmbH and designated head of the new COSMO CONSULT unit. "The direct advantage of going digital is precisely that: using intelligent algorithms for the analysis of existing data from various sources to support operational and strategic decisions. The potential for optimization that dervies from data-driven processes is enormous.” The integration into the COSMO CONSULT group of companies means that the data science concept will now be part of an end-to-end portfolio that makes enterprise-wide digital business processes including intelligent industry 4.0 scenarios possible. "The combination of the comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem with our system-based decision-making models sets a new benchmark for the further development of enterprise solutions," said Roland Abele.

"Using intelligent tools and technologies will be a matter of course in the near future and will also help us in all business processes," said Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. "Already today, sophisticated AI systems are in use in the areas of machine intelligence, predictive maintenance, and business forecasts - and this is just the beginning." Especially in the business field the changes ahead of us that will be brought on by artificial intelligence are so fundamental that entire business models, companies and even industries will change, he said. "It is important not only to take advantage of the potential of these developments, but also to actively influence them, and to work to see that all of the people in the company benefit from them. By integrating the expertise of MAX-CON DATA SCIENCE into COSMO CONSULT’s portfolio of solutions and services, our customers can already take advantage of the opportunity to use AI technologies that point the way to the future of intelligent business software."


MAX-CON DATA SCIENCE specializes in the optimization of business decisions through the use of mathematical models. MAX-CON algorithms come into play in situations where employees can no longer keep track of the mass of data and where it is no longer possible to manage and optimize the complex logic in conventional systems. Methods and procedures from the areas of data mining, forecasting and optimization are used. Typical scenarios in which the algorithms demonstrate their strengths are dynamic pricing in stores and online trade, predictive maintenance and complex issues in the production planning environment.

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