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Striving for Excellence in the Circular Economy

Talking of digitisation, the waste industry faces one challenge – no standard fits. Organisations in the industry engage in a wide range of activities in a globally diverse landscape. Each business and regional area comes with its own needs and specific challenges, both operationally and legally.

Why not take years of experience and merge them with cutting-edge standard software? What about doing that in a way to secure your investment while boosting competitiveness? cc|environmental services creates one fully integrated solution including Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, but going far beyond the standard capabilities. This enables you to have answers when it comes to core processes of the industry, from managing agreements to tracking containers and monitoring transport and execution.

Deciding for Cosmo Consult means relying on a partner who speaks your language - the language of the industry. We provide expertise from worldwide projects and more than 15 years of experience. Why settle for less?


What do our customers do?

Waste Management Services

Companies in waste management services collect, treat and dispose waste to make it reusable and introduce it into resource recycling. With cc|environmental services, straightforward contracts are defined and collection is controlled in a resource-efficient manner.


The recycling industry is the key element for the waste disposal industry’s objective to recover the highest value. cc|environmental services forms the technical basis for representing clear reverse logistics processes.

Waste to Energy

The incoming material flow for waste incineration is controlled and geared to the capacity of the plant. The resulting material availability ensures an energy-efficient operation of the plant.


Modern landfill sites are technologically highly developed central components in the waste disposal industry. They mark an end of the waste flow. cc|environmental services increases security and traceability by providing transparent processes.

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