Our team

At COSMO CONSULT, we maintain a culture that is based on our values. This culture helps to promote and develop individuals and the team as a whole over the long term. In doing so, our social competence is just as crucial as expertise and experience. We are privileged to count some of the best, most experienced experts in the business software industry among our team.

Further information

We have a firm belief in the strength and inspiration of teamwork, both internally and together with our customers. This belief underscores our friendly, respectful behaviour with one another, meaning we take both individual and group responsibility.

Through the cc|academy, our multi-site and transnational competence teams, our COSMO WIKI, our Knowledge Base and a range of other forums, we provide our team with access to the knowledge we have been building up since 1996. We also help to foster young, innovative and talented people so that they can benefit from our many years of experience, and to connect with new, modern points of view.

We speak your language!

Our international presence with regional proximity and task allocation means that our employees are closely linked with their nation and region, while remaining part of an international team. By sharing information across countries and sites, and keeping an open attitude towards new concepts, points of view and ideas, we can develop creative, useful business solutions with people at the heart.

Business software by people for people