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Angelika Hofer

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My name is Angelika, and I have been a proud COSMOnaut for more than two years.  

During these two years, I have been able to gain experience and get to know incredibly great people who have grown very close to my heart. Here is my story at COSMO CONSULT. Let me inspire you.

My start as a COSMOnaut

New year - new opportunities. My journey at COSMO started in January 2019, the beginning of an exciting and educational time for me. I was immediately welcomed into the COSMO family from day one and felt like a part of it. The entire marketing team, from Steyr, Vienna, and Neumarkt, introduced themselves to me personally and gave me a warm welcome. Already on my first day at work at the company, COSMO’s values were reflected - and oneCOSMO is not only written but lived. This means that you can expect transparent communication on an equal footing, and also that you will be supported during the training period, and you are encouraged to engage.

After studying marketing parallel to my employment, I was able to immediately implement my acquired skills into practice as online marketing manager at COSMO. I very much like the daily variety in my job. My activities range from social media marketing to the graphic design of external documents and visuals. This makes my days very diversified and special and each week brings exciting new tasks. Personal exchange with my colleagues is most important to me. In our dailies and weeklies, we keep each other up to date, but we can also have fun together and celebrate successes.

But it didn’t take long, and it all changed.... 

The COSMO family

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Corona - and how the pandemic changed our daily work routine

Only two months after starting at COSMO CONSULT, Corona came, and quite a lot changed.  

Our weekly personal meetings became meetings via Microsoft Teams. Hugs became emojis via messages. As we also had close relationships as friends, some questions and concerns arose. Will we continue to work together as harmoniously as before? What does the new work routine look like? How will it continue in the future? The fact that we could not physically see each other and that we were not permitted to be in the office together was extremely difficult for all of us.  

We did, however, quickly find a rhythm for seeing and hearing each other regularly via MS teams. We used these times to exchange ideas and work on common objectives, but also to make each other feel positive. During the summer of 2021, the Corona measures were relaxed, and we could finally meet for a personal team-building event at the lake Attersee. This meeting has, of course, brought us even closer and given us new energy.

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Work-life balance is paramount

As the mother of a ten-year-old son, an appropriate work-life balance is particularly important to me. Juggling everything is not always easy when you are a mother. As a COSMOnaut, this can truly be lived. It is easy to combine my job with my family. The opportunity to work from home provides a perfect balance between work and family. COSMO CONSULT offers its employees the opportunity to educate themselves further in their field of work. In this respect also, it is a matter of great importance for me that, on the one hand, I can enhance my skills and remain up-to-date with online marketing, and on the other hand, that this can be reconciled with my job and my family. COSMO and my team make this possible for me.

Apart from my employment at COSMO CONSULT, my partner and I have a company in Romania. The flexibility allowed by COSMO CONSULT enables me to manage all of this. The trust demonstrated to us as employees has strongly influenced my working style because, as a COSMOnaut, I get to use my creativity and my ideas are always welcome and are openly discussed. I happily give back the same amount of commitment and flexibility to my work that I have gained from COSMO. Knowing that as a team we can also overcome difficult situations and still have not lost our family cohesion, I am looking forward to soon being able to meet my colleagues in the office and build stronger personal relationships.  


What is important to you in your job? Flexibility or tasks with which you can grow? Or maybe even both!  YOU too can become part of our COSMO family. Hopefully we will be reading your COSMO story soon. 

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Angelika Hofer
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