Why your team will be more successful with Project Operations

Hans-Peter Dinser01/26/2021

How do companies succeed in increasing their profits? One option is to improve productivity. In project work in particular, this depends on the management style of the supervisor. We will tell you how to do it anyway in this blog post.

Why projects fail...

According to a recent study, only 26% of all IT projects are completed on time. 28% are stopped prematurely and 46% exceed planned costs, fail to meet the go-live date, or never achieve the required level of functionality. Studies reveal that most German companies predominantly work manually on projects and still rely on Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook. Only 13% of the solutions implemented run in the cloud.

The situation becomes difficult when several solutions are worked on simultaneously, a common database is not available and every available resource has to be fought over. Lack of flexibility, poor communication in virtual teams and constantly changing priorities also lead to problems - regardless of the size and complexity of the projects. The good news is that there is a solution for every problem!


Our free whitepaper "Project Management - all in one interface" also provides you with interesting facts.

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The benefits of Project Operations

Many large companies have recognized that project success can only be guaranteed with an efficient, end-to-end solution. Key requirements include ease of use, reliability and seamless integration into the existing system environment. Aspects that Microsoft addresses with Project Operations.

For this purpose, Microsoft connects the two disciplines Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Companies are therefore in a position to map all project-oriented business processes in just one software package. This leads to 

•    higher productivity
•    better resource planning and
•    more transparency in all project areas.

With cost accounting and real-time project status, budget utilization is always in view and users can react quickly and effectively to changes. 

An end-to-end solution for all project tasks

Project Operations is the first end-to-end project management solution that integrates all processes end-to-end and is seamlessly integrated with CRM and ERP applications for this purpose. The solution is cross-departmental, so sales employees, project managers, accountants and the entire C-level can work with it.

Data you can rely on

With the Common Data Services, there is a uniform database on which both Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power BI as well as any third-party applications can be built. The Single Point of Truth ensures that your evaluations and reports are based on up-to-date data that you can trust in your daily decisions.

Everything you need for project work

With regard to functionality, Project Operations provides all the tools required to implement projects efficiently and securely. These include modules for resource planning, project time recording, budget tracking and status indicators.

This is how Project Operations ensures project success

With Microsoft Project Operations, you lay the foundation for sustainable project success. End-to-end software in which all the business units involved work together reduces the time required, simplifies communication and ensures that you keep an eye on your costs.

Our consultants know how to implement standards with industry-specific solutions in the best possible way to guarantee successful projects with high process coverage worldwide. Let's start! Give us a call or write us an e-mail. A good place to start is also our whitepaper "Project Management - all in one interface", which you can download here.

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