How to run your projects more efficiently in the future

Hans-Peter Dinser01/27/2021

Who hasn’t seen this happen? A project is delayed, over budget, and requirements are constantly changing. Is it due to lack of resources, unclear goals, or lack of support from your superiors? Let's get to the bottom of this.

There are many special solutions for project management. However, the majority of these are tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Medium-sized companies, however, have higher requirements in terms of functionality and performance. Microsoft Project Operations is intended for them, providing optimal support for all project work processes. How the system works can be illustrated by the example of the most common project problems.

Undefined objectives

Project structure plans in the bidding phase allow resources, calendar events, budgets and costs to be included - to achieve more accurate forecasts. 


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Increasing complexity and dynamics

Through seamless interaction with Microsoft Project, even complex projects with different cost and invoicing options, multiple subcontractors and customers can be handled. Project structure plans help users keep track of project status, cost calculations, and relevant project figures. This allows you to react to changes or deviations within the shortest possible time.

Scarcity of resources

In the Project Operations project calendar, you can see at a glance which employees are free, booked or reserved for how many hours on which days. In addition, the skill management shows which certificates, languages or experience individual employees have.

Inaccurate time management

Recording working hours is often time-consuming. The integrated time management in Project Operations therefore allows the hours worked to be entered directly at work package level. In addition, project managers can use approval workflow to adjust records before they are finally posted and calculated. 

Communication & Collaboration Mistakes

Project Operations taps into Microsoft Teams to provide communication, document sharing, and schedule management. In addition, notes and milestones can be entered or planned directly in Project Operations. 

Constant changes and lack of support from superiors

Many topics that project managers have to master cannot be simplified with software. Often, only advice from an external observer can help here. With our many years of international experience, we can also assist you as project managers. As part of our projects, we optimize existing processes to help you achieve your goals and work more efficiently.

The main features of Microsoft Project Operations.


With Project Operations, your team works better together. Uniform project structures simplify everyday working life and give project managers a 360° view of the current situation.

Our consultants know how to implement standards with industry-specific solutions in the best possible way, therefore guaranteeing successful projects with high process coverage worldwide. Let's start! Give us a call or write us an e-mail. A good place to start is also our whitepaper "Project Management - all in one interface", which you can download here.

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