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COSMO CONSULT and the future of waste management industry

Tamara Kornfeind05/12/2020

The waste disposal industry has a future

Succeeding in this dynamic sector takes flexibility. These days, waste management businesses are expected to provide much more than conventional waste disposal services. Instead, demand is trending towards innovative treatment, recycling and supply companies. This shift is being reinforced in particular by the European Commission’s ambitious action plan for establishing a circular economy in the EU.

So the stage has already been set for a transformation of the waste management sector, and here at COSMO CONSULT, we’re well aware of that. For over 10 years now, we’ve been working with customers from the waste disposal and recycling industry. Our ERP system, ccIenvironmental services, improves and develops with our customers – as do our experts and consultants. We understand that you have to keep up with industry trends in order to respond quickly to changing demands and ensure the long-term success of a business.



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What are the latest trends in waste management?

Here at COSMO CONSULT, our projects with customers have given us insight into some crucial trends. Let’s take a look at a few that we believe hold major potential for the future:

  • Mobility and flexibility:

The latest ERP software is not limited to the office. It has to allow for mobility. Users need to be able to access information at any time and from anywhere. This flexibility is attainable through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, equipped with specially adapted ERP software.

  • Create apps with ease:

In addition to mobile smart devices, we also see a need in the development of custom-built apps tailored to the unique processes used by our customers. The main thing is to make it as easy as possible for customers to create professional apps on their own. One tool we use here at COSMO CONSULT is Microsoft’s Power Apps.

  • Customer portal solutions:

Customer portals allow you to quickly and easily order containers and organize disposal and recycling services online. The keyword here is user-friendliness.

  • Machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence)

ERP systems, in conjunction with core business processes, provide a veritable goldmine of historical data. Now, the trick is being able to use this data intelligently.

For example, sensor data amassed from a sorting system can reveal the need for maintenance. As a result, equipment/machine maintenance can be optimally scheduled, while also reducing unnecessary downtimes.

Another example are “intelligent containers,” which utilize machine learning technology. The containers are equipped with sensors which regularly measure the fill levels of the containers. This information can be used to make long-term predictions about the volume of waste generated. Waste collection schedules can be adjusted based on these forecasts. This allows us to optimize route planning while cutting costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

Growing together

As the waste disposal industry starts thinking about product life cycles, new jobs and spheres of activity are being created in the branch. One of the biggest challenges that waste management companies face is “turning waste into resources.” New and innovative business concepts are needed in order to efficiently implement the goals of the EU. Above all, these concepts have to be practical and feasible. Our industry experts have many years of experience in the disposal and recycling industry. With our industry solution cclenviromental services, COSMO CONSULT is ideally equipped to help you on your path to a digital circular economy.

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