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Intrapreneurship: COSMO CONSULT Innovation Laboratory

Daniel Gburek09/27/2018

The decisive factor for the innovative strength of a company are its employees, who are obsessed with creating creative added value. From the outside, they look like lively lateral thinkers who constantly question the status quo, tirelessly experiment with new ideas and always support promising developments. Behind the façade, they analyze profoundly new market opportunities, meticulously develop innovative business ideas and profitably accelerate their rapid implementation. They are ambitious and disciplined, take calculated risks and assume responsibility. Such employees bring a start-up mentality to established companies and are referred to as intrapreneurs. At COSMO CONSULT, we currently have many examples of intrapreneurship that focus on the democratization of artificial intelligence.

In order to make artificial intelligence a tangible experience, committed COSMOnauten have initially started to provide product mockups that correspond to the topic independently of each other. Since each mockup contains a functional mathematical reference model, they illustrate the potential added value of new technologies, create inspiration for fields of action and help to literally look outside the box. The comprehensive mockup portfolio provides an impression of how and where artificial intelligence and new technological approaches can be profitably integrated into existing value chains. In addition, the growing mockup gallery impressively highlights entrepreneurial aspects for the provision of artificial intelligence, such as expected costs for provision, investment costs and added value generated. The latter has finally decisively promoted the grown intrapreneurship within COSMO CONSULT.
There seem to be no limits to creativity and a growing innovation laboratory has finally been formed from various ideas. With Microsoft Azure as the cloud computing platform, the innovation laboratory has a flexible and modern construction kit for creating the necessary creative freedom. Various Microsoft services in the field of artificial intelligence help to test innovative approaches to business problems quickly and easily and to make the associated potentials visible.


Are you interested in a guided tour through the gallery of our innovation laboratory? Do you insist on a demonstration of the individual product mockups? Do you have innovative ideas that you would like to test and evaluate with us? Do you have a creative challenge for our innovation laboratory? Then don't hesitate to contact us in order to take advantage of our enthusiasm for innovation.


Insight into the gallery of our innovation laboratory

Recurring support requests. How much time do you spend processing standard questions? How often have you repeatedly dealt with the same support issues? How often do you repeat answers given in the past? Based on the Microsoft Bot framework, COSMO CONSULT offers a rule-based service that deals with recurring support requests in a standardized way. This gives you time for complicated and demanding cases.

Sources of danger in the production facilities. Are there any damages to the supports of your high shelves? Has a drum with hazardous substances fallen over and are hazardous substances escaping? Does an employee or visitor move within the hazardous area of a plant? Using a Microsoft object recognition service, the COSMO COSNULT innovation laboratory provides you with digital observers and inspectors for your production facilities, which ensure a safe production process without your intervention. Hazards are automatically reported before major damage occurs.

Quality assurance in production. Would you like to avoid complaints due to poor quality? Do you attach great importance to quality? Are you of the opinion that poor quality can be avoided? Based on a Microsoft service for image recognition, COSMO CONSULT's innovation laboratory provides a digital assistant that reliably detects faulty products in real time.  The solution supports you in identifying inferior quality so that appropriate preventive measures can be initiated in good time.

Productivity with sensors. Do you have high travel costs that are caused by standardized services directly at your customers' premises? After all, are many on-site activities routine? Is your customer satisfied with your emergency response time? COSMO CONSULT's innovation laboratory provides a sensor-based service using IoT technology from Microsoft, which continuously monitors systems, checks important parameters and proactively detects critical situations. This relieves your sales force and provides your customers with an additional service.


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