10 suggestions for successful digital transformation #7 Make use of your data

Jürgen Klein07/31/2018

What do internal combustion engines and digital transformation have in common? Well, they both cannot run on their own power, but rather require fuel. In the case of combustion engines, the fuel is refined from crude oil. In the case of digital transformation, data is the raw material. Just as with crude oil, data must be extracted, processed and refined in order to make good use of it. 

Instead of drilling rigs, you need computing capacity and modern technologies, for example from fields such as data & analytics and the automation and data exchange technologies known in Germany as “Industry 4.0”. One good example for this is information from sensors, from which enough data can be extracted to create large big data pools. The information can then be analyzed or tracked over time to assist with current or future management decisions. Using mathematical algorithms, you can even use data pools to develop new digital business ideas. 

So it would be smart to be constantly measuring all available production parameters and conditions such as temperature or humidity via sensors. That would mean you could operate your production systems within in a predetermined, optimal quality corridor on the basis of evaluations and artificial intelligence alone - without having to intervene yourself. The results: fewer failures, higher production quality and a greater competitive advantage. 

Make use of your own “raw materials”, your data, to secure your company’s future digital success. The nice thing: whereas we are slowly but surely running out of crude oil, the supply of data is growing - and the pace of growth is always increasing. 

Do you want to get more out of your data? Give us a call or write to us and together we will discuss what strategy is best for you.

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