10 suggestions for successful digital transformation: #6 Be customer-centric

Torsten Harnack07/24/2018
Picture: Digital Transformation

There is an endless number of ways to establish a digital corporate culture. Every company chooses its own path, but a number of measures have proven their worth. For example

  • trying a change of perspective and looking at the organization from the customer's point of view or
  • presenting current and potential customers a coherent image of companies, products and services from the moment they first take notice to the moment when they make the decision to make a purchase.

Digital transformation means more than just integrating information technology across all areas of the company. It also means being active across the growing number of digital points of contact.  

When making decisions, most companies consider the respective business scenario and the competitive environment. Market-oriented companies also focus on their customers. They determine what added value new products and services have for the target group and involve their customers in product development at an early stage. If the customers confirm that they can see the added value, the particular business scenario is given more detailed consideration.

The food processor manufacturer Vorwerk, for example, turns customers who buy a Thermomix into fans that spread the word about the product. Not only does this community actively contribute to the sales of the device, it also provides the company with creative ideas that have over time evolved into a digital ecosystem around the product.

In our digitally networked world, it is becoming increasingly important to have a high profile, get noticed and to be memorable by providing tangible added value. Many companies are therefore turning their websites into platforms that offer free information and virtual services. Clear benefits for the consumer arise through improved service, greater choice or - as in the case of Vorwerk - an agile community closely networked with the company.

Digital technologies from areas such as marketing automation help you increase professionalism in communication with your customers. You can use portals such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to respond to customer requirements more quickly and in more targeted fashion. Give us a call or send us an e-mail - we will be happy to help you achieve these goals.

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