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COSMO CONSULT customers continue to enjoy a close connection with Microsoft

Björn Lorenz08/29/2022
Microsoft Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications 2022/2023

Having a close connection with the manufacturer of the business software they use is crucial for companies. That is the only way they can influence the direction the software takes, have a say in development and give input on the future scope of the software‘s functions. The COSMO CONSULT Group‘s customers are in a very good situation in this regard. As a specialist for digital transformation, COSMO CONSULT has been represented in Microsoft‘s Inner Circle for Business Applications for many years. Microsoft has just appointed COSMO CONSULT a member of the highest body for Microsoft partners for the tenth time in a row.

All companies who want to become members of the Inner Circle have to prove themselves in a number of ways, including business success and demonstrated expertise in the Microsoft business applications that belong to the Dynamics 365 product family. A company‘s own ideas both for digital transformation and Microsoft's digital future strategy are also welcome. Membership in the Inner Circle is therefore also a kind of distinction: it shows customers that the company they have partnered with has mastered the entire spectrum of Microsoft solutions, can implement international projects, has wide ranging industry expertise and works closely with Microsoft at the strategic level.

How COSMO CONSULT clients benefit from the Inner Circle

The close cooperation between Microsoft and the Inner Circle partners is particularly advantageous for customers of the COSMO CONSULT Group. They have a virtual seat at the table when ideas and experiences with projects are shared at the regular virtual meetings or at the annual Inner Circle Summit. "In the Inner Circle, we are not just Microsoft partners, we are above all representing the interests of our customers. For example, we can bring new market requirements to Microsoft's attention in order to influence Microsoft‘s path forward in the interest of our customers to a certain extent," said Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. This increases the chances that companies and users will benefit quickly from future technologies. If, for example, the standard scope of business solutions is extended in the right places, the effort and cost those extensions require  will decrease and processes will run more efficiently.

Membership in the Inner Circle also lets COSMO CONSULT access technical innovations more quickly. Modern technologies then find their way into projects at an even earlier stage. As a result, the software and consulting firm's customers gain at least a temporary competitive advantage in their respective industries.

The focus is on people

These positive effects for its customers are an incentive for COSMO CONSULT, as a digital transformation specialist, to continue to meet the high requirements for membership every year. The COSMO CONSULT Group will therefore also be a member of the exclusive group of companies in the Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications in 2022. "We are proud to be part of the Inner Circle once again. The distinction acknowledges our traditionally close and trusting partnership with our customers and Microsoft. It also confirms that we are pusrsuing the right goals with our focus on people," said Bergmann.

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