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COSMO CONSULT once again in the Lünendonk list’s top 10

Björn Lorenz07/08/2021

This year the COSMO CONSULT Group, specialists in digital transformation, is once again among the top 10 of the best software and consulting companies. The list created by the market researchers from Lünendonk is one of the most famous rankings in the IT industry. It is considered the best point of reference when it comes to finding the right technology and service partner. In addition to economic success, future perspectives also played a decisive role.

This means that COSMO CONSULT is one of the most successful IT companies of the pandemic year 2020. Although markets were sometimes uneasy, COSMO CONSULT still managed to increase revenue compared to the previous year. One factor in that success is persistent efforts to become more international. "COVID-19 impacted different countries in different ways. That allowed us to do a good job balancing out fluctuations within the group," said Uwe Bergmann, CEO of COSMO CONSULT.

What matters is people

Another factor was increasing interest in digital technologies caused by the pandemic. In more and more industries and for more and more companies, digital technologies are becoming a decisive factor in terms of developing new innovations, bolstering competitiveness and putting the company's future on a secure foundation. The goal is to make more intelligent use of existing data - for example, data about processes, products and customers - and to open up new areas of business. Whether the transformation is successful, however, depends on more than just the technology. It is even more important to make people believe in the transformation, to take them by the hand and to prepare them for the process of change in the best way possible. After all, it is the people who will have to live with the digital transformation later on and they are the ones who should being taking advantage of the opportunities it brings. Digital transformation projects therefore always have two aspects: technology and consulting. If you are looking for a partner who can help you with both aspects equally well, you will find that even though the IT marketplace is crowded, your choices are rather limited.

Lünendonk list is a leading provider of rankings

This is exactly where the Lünendonk list comes into play. For over 30 years it has been one of the most important  barometers for the industry and is one of the leading providers of rankings. Its comprehensive market analysis helps companies find the consultant that is right for them. An accompanying study also provides an overview of those technology projects that are currently high on companies’ agendas. "Right now, demand is particularly strong for cloud transformation projects and the management of hybrid IT constellations. This involves bringing the IT up to date, which promises low costs, easier use and a higher degree of automation. Beyond that, there is the issue of developing new IT-based products and building digital business models. The value added by IT will therefore continue to grow," said Lünendonk analyst Tobias Ganowski. The market researchers interviewed around 85 IT service providers and around 130 IT managers for the study. The consulting firms were classified on the basis of key revenue figures and business development forecasts. To get on the list, companies have to have strong economic performance. Only a partner for digital transformation that has successfully helped many, many customers find their way into the digital age has that performance.

COSMO CONSULT in the top ten once again

This is one reason why COSMO CONSULT, as an end-to-end system provider and the only expert for the entire Microsoft portfolio, is once again in the top ten of the Lünendonk ranking. As a specialist for digital transformation, it not only takes care of the technical side of bringing IT up to date, but also supports its customers in training employees for new challenges and establishing a digital corporate culture through its business design consulting division. In this area, COSMO CONSULT uses innovative technologies such as Intelligent ERP (iERP). This allows central processes in Microsoft's ERP systems to be largely automated through learning assistants. Other elements include solutions from areas such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud computing. These enable companies to learn more from their data, continuously accumulate valuable know-how, and then make the right decisions in complex situations. As a software and consulting company, COSMO CONSULT is also a leader in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT): In this field, sensors, cloud-based platforms and mobile apps help to optimize processes and identify potential risks in production or on large construction sites before they become problematic. "Digital technologies give you the opportunity to develop innovative products and to deal with challenges such as demographic change better. Despite all the affinity there is for technology, it is people with their ideas and enthusiasm who make these new approaches possible in the first place. Therefore people should be the focus of every digital transformation strategy," says Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group.

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