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Gero Brinkbäumer11/15/2019

Which providers of IT services are the best in the country? - That is a very important question for companies, especially in a period of digital transformation. Because no journey into the digital age can be successful without an experienced and knowledgeable IT partner. The well-known business magazine brand eins tried to find the answer by asking over 35,000 industry experts and companies that use products for their opinions. COSMO CONSULT stood out with a high recommendation rate, receiving the brand eins award as one of the "Best IT Service Providers 2020".

In the consultant jungle

Those looking for the right partner for their digital transformation plan do not have it easy: According to the Federal Statistical Office, there are over 87,000 IT service providers in Germany alone. In order to find the right one among this huge number of providers in the marketplace, you have to go through a long and arduous search process - or you can consult one of the lists of the best providers of services, which aim to help to make the consultant jungle less confusing.

The problem: There are also quite a number of these lists of recommendations, and many of them are based on the self-assessments of the candidates or on purely economic figures. The well-known business magazine brand eins therefore takes a different approach in its search for the best IT service providers: it asks industry experts, and above all companies, which IT service provider they recommend and why.

All eyes on this prize

It is therefore not based on how the providers see themselves, but on how they are perceived in the market. And one thing is especially important: It is based on what their customers think of them. Good marketing or impressive figures do not play a role. The only thing that counts is whether the service provider is doing a good job - or not, as the case may be.

For this reason, the brand eins award, which is being presented for the seventh time in a row this year, is based on one of the most objective evaluation standards in the field of IT services. "Being on the brand eins list is an award you get from your customers", says Uwe Bergmann, CEO of COSMO CONSULT.

Two thumbs up from customers

COSMO CONSULT, the leading Microsoft partner for digital transformation is especially recommended by respondents in the "Software implementation and maintenance" area. This is also the COSMO CONSULT Group’s core business. It has over 1,200 experts at 42 locations in Europe and Latin America to ensure that companies from industry, trade and services can move their businesses forward with the latest digital tools.

"Satisfied customers are of course what it is all about," says Uwe Bergmann. "Being recommended by users is the best confirmation for the fact that you’ve reached that goal - and an additional incentive to do everything to see that COSMO CONSULT is listed in future rankings as one of the best providers of IT services in Germany.


Many companies provide IT services - but only a few make it onto the brand eins list of the best in the country. Because this list is not just one list among many. The self-assessment of the companies or anonymous expert committees do not play a role in making the list. You can only get on the brand eins list if users give you their personal recommendations – that means recommendations from customers for customers. Anyone on this list, like COSMO CONSULT, can therefore rightly claim to be among the "best providers of IT services in 2020".

Would you like to know more about why users recommend COSMO CONSULT? Then just have a look at our references. Because the best explanation for the recommendations are still the stories of the users themselves.

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