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The Secret to COSMO CONSULT: How to Be One of the Best Employers

Gero Brinkbäumer02/25/2019
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Who are the best employers in the country? This is the question that TOP JOB asks every year. All companies are welcome to submit an application for this award – and those who apply of course want to present themselves at their best. But at TOP JOB, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts.

The candidates are really put through their paces to be awarded this title. The core of the assessment is an academic study conducted by the University of St. Gallen, which primarily allows the companies’ employees to have their say. Their opinion is vital.

The recipe for success in six words

As in previous years, COSMO CONSULT applied and won the award again – this time it was even named one of the three best employers in its size category. What is the secret to the success of Europe’s leading Microsoft digitization partner?

The long answer to this question involves addressing the many different assessment categories that are taken into account for the TOP JOB award. The short answer: COSMO CONSULT is all about people.

Technology for people

Uwe Bergmann, Chief Executive Officer of the award winner, explains exactly what this means: “We are a technology company. But technology is not an end in itself for us. Its purpose is to make life – and in our case working life – easier for people.”

COSMO CONSULT makes it clear that it takes this belief seriously by including it in its mission statement: “Business software for people”. For Uwe Bergmann, this is in the DNA of his company.

Every individual is important

During this age of major technological advancements, it is especially important to remember the people involved. And the biggest advancement is known as digitization or digital transformation. Industry 4.0, big data, artificial intelligence – these are all manifestations of the digital age.

And these manifestations are changing our world. The world of work and the way we make decisions are particularly affected. The opportunities are huge, but there are also risks. “We are determined not to leave anyone by the wayside,” says Uwe Bergmann.

Digitization up close

As digitization expert, COSMO CONSULT knows exactly how high the stakes are – but not just because supporting its own customers on their digitization journey is part of its daily operations. “We have experienced the digital transformation first hand,” explains HR Lead Kim Helmig.

“We have undergone the transformation ourselves and therefore understand precisely what this process means for a company, and particularly for its employees.” It is important that management and employees are all pulling in the same direction. This is why empathy and emotional intelligence are key issues at COSMO CONSULT.

Mission: Inspiring people

The people at COSMO CONSULT also respect this: Most notably, it was the extremely positive feedback from the extensive employee survey that secured the company its place among the best employers.

In addition to this, the TOP JOB jurors made special mention of the open and equal cooperation across all hierarchy levels, age groups, and departments. “Our goal is to be an employer that inspires people. The TOP JOB award shows us that we are taking the right approach,” says Kim Helmig.

Join the COSMO CONSULT family!

“We have much more in store”

But of course, the following famous phrase also applies here: The journey is the reward! The award – which was presented by TOP JOB patron and former statesman Wolfgang Clement – is just one leg of the journey for COSMO CONSULT. A wide variety of current employee initiatives at an international level and in the area of training proves that the company does not plan to rest on its laurels.

“We have much more in store,” sums up Uwe Bergmann, “so that COSMO CONSULT will continue to be a first choice for the cleverest and most creative minds when they are starting their training or looking for a new work environment.”


Becoming an attractive employer takes a lot of hard work. Is there a secret formula for this? It’s no secret at COSMO CONSULT – it’s all about people.

Those who put the people involved at the center of what they do – both in terms of their customers and within their own company – are on the right path. But it’s not just about paying lip service. This must be a fundamental part of the corporate culture. Otherwise you won’t get an award!

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If you were a member of the jury, what would your criteria be for the best employer in the country?

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