Microsoft Once Again Includes COSMO CONSULT in Its Inner Circle of Microsoft Dynamics Partners

Björn Lorenz07/17/2019

At the international “Inspire” partner conference which is currently taking place in Las Vegas, Microsoft has announced that the COSMO CONSULT Group will once again be included in its prestigious “Inner Circle for Business Application”. The software and consulting company which specializes in modern digitization solutions is among the world’s leading Microsoft Dynamics partners. This Inner Circle includes the elite participants in the global Microsoft Dynamics network. The partners are announced by Microsoft every year. COSMO CONSULT is being represented in this group for the seventh time.

In terms of numbers, the Inner Circle comprises approximately one percent of the world’s most successful Microsoft Dynamics partners. The selection criteria are rigorous: The most important aspect is the economic success and added value that the partners achieve for their customers using Microsoft technologies. Digital transformation plays an increasingly important role here. The technical innovations included in the assessment can be industry solutions, special add-on modules, and integration or digitization concepts. This requires extensive expertise in terms of business solutions, digital platform technologies, and current trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, cloud services, or data analytics.

A Partner Who Stands Out

Another important aspect is verifiably high customer satisfaction. “In the Inner Circle, we include partners from all over the world who stand out to us due to their extraordinary achievements. They set new standards and help to develop our business. COSMO CONSULT pursues a comprehensive end-to-end approach which offers our customers a sense of security on their route to digital transformation and yields sustainable results,” explains James Phillips, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft. This renewal of COSMO CONSULT’s position in the Inner Circle is confirmation of their own digital strategy. “We are proud to have been included again! This honor is recognition of the close and trusting cooperation we have with our customers. It reinforces our approach of putting people at the center of our business as the most important factor for success,” says a delighted Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group.

Simon Sinek, author and motivational speaker, at Microsoft Inspire 2019.
Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president of One Commercial Partner, at Microsoft Inspire 2019.
David Penrith, chief engineer at Unilever, Andy Pratt, CEO of The Marsden Group, and Judson Althoff, EVP of Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business.
Fernanda Silva, process engineer at Unilever, Judson Althoff, EVP of Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business, and David Penrith, chief engineer at Unilever.
Judson Althoff, executive vice president of Worldwide Commercial Business, at Microsoft Inspire 2019.
Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winners at Microsoft Inspire 2019.

A Strong Grasp of Future Issues

With its appointment to the Inner Circle, COSMO CONSULT has once again been recognized as one of the most important partners of the Microsoft Dynamics network in the world. One reason for this is the software and consulting firm’s extensive expertise, which goes far beyond the horizon of individual business solutions. The company has recently been focusing on developing its skills in future-oriented topics such as digital consulting, data science (AI), or digital transformation. This means the firm is now in a position to offer comprehensive advice and support on all issues relating to digitization in small, medium, or large businesses. However, classic technologies such as ERP, CRM, or Business Intelligence are still part of COSMO CONSULT’s core business. “Microsoft provides an extensive ecosystem and is a pioneer in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud services, and IoT. This gives us a flexible choice of technologies that we can harness for our projects. In these times of digital transformation, it is less about individual solutions and more about modern platforms that can take over routine activities and create some breathing space for creative or strategic thought processes,” emphasizes Bergmann.

An Honor that Comes with Customer Benefits

Membership to the Inner Circle also benefits customers: This group connects COSMO CONSULT to the top decision-makers at Microsoft. It enables the company to influence the strategic direction and future development of Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Practical project experience and the latest customer requirements are therefore important factors. The software and consulting firm also gains early access to technical innovations, meaning customers are among the first to benefit from competitive advantages.

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