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Current market analysis: COSMO CONSULT is one of the leading names in IT consulting

Gero Brinkbäumer08/14/2018

The Lünendonk® lists have been among the most renowned independent market barometers and service provider rankings for over 30 years. In the current inventory of the most important medium-sized IT service providers, COSMO CONSULT has been classed as one of the leading consulting companies for the second year in a row. The internationally active Microsoft Dynamics partner and digitalization expert boasts outstanding business performance and excellent sales growth.

For companies of all sizes, the use of cutting-edge digital technologies has become a crucial success factor. All the more reason to work with a tech provider that has kept up with the times and can help their customers make a smooth transition into the digital age. Given the sheer number of service providers available, however, trying to find the right one can be a frustrating task. That’s where the Lünendonk lists come in: Based on regularly updated and comprehensive market analyses, they’ve served as the biggest authorities in the IT consulting sector for many years. Commonly known as a “sector barometer,” the lists not only offer a guideline for finding the right IT service provider, they also provide an overview of all the trending topics in business technology.

A capable partner

In the current provider list, the COSMO CONSULT Group ranks number eleven among the leading medium-sized IT service providers. The international digitalization expert is the only end-to-end provider specializing in Microsoft business solutions to have gone up by four rankings since last year. As part of the evaluation, the consulting firms were thoroughly interviewed and classified based on sales figures and performance projections. The results showed that COSMO CONSULT had experienced unusually positive business trends and sales growth, earning them a place among the top performers in the ranking.

“Having a service provider that is economically strong is crucial for customers, because a future-oriented partnership requires a solid foundation,” says Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. “Future” is also the keyword when it comes to explaining COSMO CONSULT’s unusually successful business development: “Digitalization has set an unbelievable dynamic in motion. This is what’s setting the course for the future, and since we’ve spent years now developing and implementing cutting-edge digital technologies for businesses, we’re able to respond to a high level of customer demand across a wide front. What’s important is that we don’t just see ourselves as a software provider. We also use our industry and consulting expertise to improve internal processes and help employees learn with enthusiasm how to get the most out of their solutions.”

The technology of the future – today!

Market analysts agree that the issues of digital transformation are a top priority for companies in industry, trade and service: “More and more companies are supplementing their traditional business models with digital component or just switching to digital altogether,” says Lünendonk partner Mario Zillmann. Last year, the focus was on identifying and developing potential applications for artificial intelligence (AI). This year, the plan is to actually implement these projects. “This is benefiting IT consulting and systems integration companies.”

At COSMO CONSULT, we’ve long since gone from mere concepts to solid digital solutions that are proving their worth in real-life applications. We even have a whole business unit devoted to developing mathematical models and algorithms for optimizing business processes. As a result, we are already able to use groundbreaking AI technologies within the standard Microsoft Dynamics solution portfolio. COSMO CONSULT also invests heavily in Industry-4.0-applications such as the prize-winning “digital construction site” smart solution approach. The platform, which was developed in collaboration with big-name industry partners and Fraunhofer IFF, utilizes the latest cloud, IoT and VR technology to manage major construction sites.

Bound for the digital age

In addition to actual know-how, one of the keys to COSMO CONSULT's success is our focus on our customers: “As is often the case with pivotal changes, digitalization also makes people very uneasy,” admits Uwe Bergmann. The key is not to lose sight of the big picture and to precisely analyze and figure out what has real substance, what is technically mature and what is reasonable and useful in practice. One of our most popular services, for example, is the Digital Maturity Check, which can be used by companies to evaluate their current degree of digitalization and compare it with the industry average. The result will then show in detail where to start and which measures are promising.” As Uwe Bergmann explains, the main goal is to work together with the customer to figure out their ideal path to the digital era, without losing sight of the people involved. Future viability is not a question of technology alone – the "future is the people whose creativity and inspiration allows corporate solutions to reach their full potential.”

Digital Maturity Check

Are you aware of the digital status quo of your company? Or what the digital benchmark in your specific industry is? Find the answers to those questions using COSMO CONSULT’s diagnostics tool. We help you identify your company’s digital potential!

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