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COSMO CONSULT has been named system vendor of the year for Microsoft for the second time in a row

Gero Brinkbäumer10/20/2017

The COSMO CONSULT Group, Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics partner, has been selected as Microsoft system vendor of the year for the second time in a row at this year's ERP congress for digital processes and solutions. The award, which is conferred by the Center for Enterprise Research (CER) at the University of Potsdam, is part of the prestigious "ERP System of the Year" contest. In this competition a panel of well-known consultants, media representatives and academics ranks providers of business solutions in various categories and industries.

The variety of company solutions and the correspondingly diversified market for services sometimes make it difficult for users to choose the right solution and the right IT partner. Because the range of functions for ERP standard solutions is also generally very high, further factors are becoming more and more important when making this decision. The focus of the "ERP System of the Year" competition, in addition to considering the functional criteria of ERP systems, assesses additional factors such as tangible use to customers, the scope of technology and integration, the progressive character and the ergonomics of the solution.

The competition took place this year under the auspieces of the Center for Enterprise Research at the University of Potsdam for the twelfth time. The competition was initiated by Professor Norbert Gronau, holder of the Chair of Business Informatics, esp. Processes and Systems: "The reason to hold the competition was to finally evaluate the systems also according to soft criteria. The range of functions is, of course, important and must be suitable, but there are also many other criteria that are of great importance for successful implementation. We are able make a comprehensive and meaningful evaluation because we take the different assessment criteria into account and have assembled a jury of representatives from the consultancy industry, the press and academics."

In an initial selection process, based on market knowledge and experience, the jury invited thirty selected system providers in the categories of wholesale, project service providers, logistics, medical technology as well as those involved with the topics of digital transformation and cloud-based ERP solutions to take part in the competition. In addition, a prize was awarded for the best SAP and Microsoft system vendors. From the applicants a total of 15 vendors qualified to answer the jurors' questions during the final round at the ERP congress in Frankfurt. In the end, with the highest score of all competitors, COSMO CONSULT was chosen as the vendor of the year for Microsoft for the second time in a row.

As in the previous year, the COSMO CONSULT Group persuaded the expert jury with its holistic concept in particular, which focuses not only on technology, but also on tangible use for customers and on partnership-based cooperation. "In particular, our end-to-end business portfolio, which significantly enhances the ERP standard and addresses the industry requirements of the customers, found the approval of the experts," says Peter Dibbern, who is responsible for business development at COSMO CONSULT. "However, our strategic view of the future of the digital transformation was the decisive factor for the jury. We are investing heavily in breakthrough technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, as the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies is known in Germany, and artificial intelligence and are already offering our customers a comprehensive platform for the digital age."

"Digital transformation is a topic that affects all companies. Not only individual business processes, but rather business activity as a whole, jobs, entire sectors and branches of industries are changing fundamentally", adds Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. "Modern enterprise solutions are an important part of this transformation. But it's not just about solutions, it's about the future of the companies. This is why we are particularly pleased and proud to have been officially recognized as the system vendor of the year for Microsoft once again, confirming that we are on the right track with our id eas and our commitment to the digital future."

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