Data & Analytics in the cloud

Bjoern Lorenz08/08/2017

Why the cloud is the best place for data analysis

Big data, data & analytics, business intelligence - these are topics that have attracted attention for many years: from consultants and software vendors, academics and the specialized press. However, if you ask medium-sized businesses about these issues, the answers are often sobering. There is no need for action, they say simply. Not an issue for us. In many companies, enterprise software is the only analysis tool in use. If special solutions are used for data analysis, the number of sources is generally rather limited.

Conventional reporting is no longer sufficient

Data & Analytics in the cloud

Not that everything is wrong, but this technique represents the methods and requirements of the past. In a networked, digital world, this is no longer enough. If nothing else because of the amount of data: Relevant information no longer comes just from a company’s own systems. The information comes from customers, suppliers, sensors, machines and social media channels. All this data must be stored, analyzed, filtered and processed. It is no longer possible to do this just with a mouse and expertise.

Data & analytics work better in the cloud

In an earlier piece, we explained why integration should take place primarily in the cloud. If all information streams are already coming together in the cloud, what is more appropriate than positioning the data analysis right there? In fact, the cloud is superior to traditional analysis tools:

  • There are no limits to its scalability. If the volume of data increases - and it will -  performance and capacity by can be expanded with one click of the mouse.
  • In the cloud, you can use intelligent analysis tools such as Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. With the aid of adaptive algorithms, artificial intelligence selects, analyses and interprets comprehensive data sets. The relevant information is automatically processed in a decision-oriented manner. Instead of running elaborate analyses, you just evaluate the results and can react immediately.

Data analysis as a service

To say that the nature of data & analytics is changing in the cloud is by no means an exaggeration. This is also necessary because, by conventional means, you cannot meet the challenges of the digital transformation - rapidly growing data volume, increasing customer requirements, constant market changes. In the cloud, however, data analyses are evolving from a management tool to a management service.

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