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COSMO CONSULT signs contract with international analyst firm Gartner

Gero Brinkbäumer01/17/2017

COSMO CONSULT group, Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics partner, will work with the world's leading IT consulting and market research experts Gartner within the framework of its digital transformation strategy. COSMO CONSULT’s international commitments make a strategic cooperation with the IT researchers and analysts almost essential in order to craft responses to the urgent questions of the future of work in digital environments.

The world is changing. The ongoing digital transformation will soon radically change workflows, collaboration, speed, flexibility, availability of information and the behavior of customers. Information technology will be consumed in alternative and entirely different forms. Cloud services compete with on-premise solutions. Companies require software rental models rather than licenses. They increasingly do not want to manage their applications themselves, but only to use them quickly and easily from anywhere. This requires completely new market strategies on the part of software vendors, who need to move more towards being end-to-end platform providers with significantly larger technology offerings as well as services. Therefore, it is important to deal at an early stage with the issues of where and how IT markets will work in the future, how business models will change and what consequences this will have for IT companies and their customers. 

From the dialogue with the internationally experienced analysts of Gartner, COSMO CONSULT expects support in the development of sound, professional and modern implementation concepts for its overall strategy for the international group of companies. This includes the conversion process from a traditional ERP vendor to an international platform solution provider as well as the development and establishment of new offerings and pricing and delivery models. Powerful go-to-market strategies and the future structure of the product portfolio with an appropriate vertical or functional market approach are part of this as well. Providing best-in-class solutions should enable customers to optimize their supply chains using new products and services or to expand digital business models.

The partners of the global manufacturers must change their traditional business models and adapt to new delivery models with different revenue streams. Uwe Bergmann, Chief Executive Officer of COSMO CONSULT, promises: "Together with Gartner, we want to work out the best solutions for our customers for the future, so that they in turn can offer their own customers innovative products and services. We want to accompany them on their path towards the digital transformation and help them to develop long term digital strategies." 

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