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COSMO CONSULT receives the prestigious INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2017 innovation award for industry 4.0 solution scenario

Gero Brinkbäumer03/20/2017

At the CeBIT, the world's most important trade fair for information technology, Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics partner COSMO CONSULT has been selected for the group of the best of the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2017 for its pioneering industry 4.0 solutions package cc|digital project. The award, which is presented by the Initiative Mittelstand, an initiative for medium-sized businesses, is one of the most important independent IT awards in Germany. It recognizes especially innovative solutions that open up new possible applications and business opportunities for companies in all industrial sectors.

The INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT has been one of the most prestigious awards in the field of information technologies in German-speaking areas for many years. Applicants of from different areas of expertise who have developed innovative IT solutions, present themselves annually to an independent jury consisting of researchers, IT industry professionals and journalists. The best innovations are recognized in different categories ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to E-Commerce to IT security to knowledge management solutions.

The cc|digital project represents the second time in a row that a COSMO CONSULT industry 4.0 solution scenario has been recognized in the ERP category that uses modern, intelligent Microsoft information technologies, to make it possible to comprehensively map business requirements, which is among the most important trends in the industry. The “Internet of things” (IoT) plays a central role: Real-time data is captured by machinery, components or tools via tags or sensors in order to match them with planning data at ERP and MES level or to allow for the autonomous control of the objects.

The solution makes possible the continuous and seamless media-consistent mapping of all connected processes. It was developed in a research collaboration with the Magdeburg Fraunhofer IFF and well-known industry partners - including Microsoft, BOSCH, Dräger, euromicron and Autodesk. From customer inquiries about construction to commercial and technical project management to object tracking to accounting and costing, the various processes and system areas are merged into a central platform consisting of standard Microsoft solutions and Microsoft-certified COSMO CONSULT special solutions.

"Modern IT technologies such as big data, the cloud, mobile solutions, and artificial intelligence are increasingly shaping not only our private lives, but also the industrial environment", said Uwe Bergmann, CEO of COSMO CONSULT AG. "The new possibilities are so varied that we can truly call this a 'digital revolution'. Our goal is to participate actively and positively in this development, and therefore we are especially pleased that cc|digital project has been awarded the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT officially recognizing our development work. At the same time a solution was singled out for praise which enables industrial companies to already take advantage of future-oriented technologies in their daily business."

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