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COSMO CONSULT is the first Microsoft Dynamics partner to receive the coveted ScoreFact certification

Gero Brinkbäumer04/06/2017
label Scorefact de satisfaction client obtenu par Cosmo Consult

Europe’s leading Microsoft Dynamics partner, COSMO CONSULT, has received the ScoreFact “Expert” certification, one of the customer satisfaction labels for IT service providers most respected by ERP users. The seal of quality is awarded by the independent French IT-rating agency ScoreFact, which, on the basis of extensive user surveys, assesses both concrete product and service quality as well as soft factors such as cooperative communication, mutual trust and long-term prospects for cooperation.

The range of business solutions and IT services is now so diverse that it is not easy for companies to make the right choices. In addition to this, the functionality of standard solutions is also now very high, so that additional criteria for the ERP decision process are becoming increasingly important. A crucial factor is the quality of the cooperation with the relevant IT services provider, which depends on a reliable partnership based on respect and mutual trust. To give companies interested in ERP a reliable guide not only for choosing a solution, but also for judging the quality of cooperation with an ERP partner, the ScoreFact certification program was launched, in which only customers have a say and through which they can document their level of satisfaction.

In the framework of the survey, users are interviewed in detail on five topics, ranging from the everyday use of the software products, to methods and project competency of the provider, to issues such as honesty, reliability and human interaction in the cooperation. To receive the exclusive ScoreFact certificate, between 60 and 70 percent of the entire customer base did participate in the survey and gave mostly positive evaluations of their service provider.

The COSMO CONSULT group’s French section is the first Microsoft Dynamics partner to receive the expert seal of ScoreFact’s certification. This official certification highlights both COSMO CONSULT’s technical andindustry-specific expertise as well as the high quality of customer relationships and trust-based partnerships with its customers enjoyed by the globally active Microsoft Dynamics partner.

“The ScoreFact label provides very meaningful decision-making support for ERP buyers choosing their service provider because it reflects not only the purely technical competence, but qualifies cooperative interactions and partnerships", explains Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT group. "The implementation of enterprise solutions is at the heart of a business as a whole and is an important investment in the future. It is thus all the more important for companies to find an IT partner that they can rely on now and in the future. The ScoreFact expert certificate gives users the certainty that they are dealing with a tech-savvy, reliable and trusted service provider where their IT is in the best of hands.”

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