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COSMO CONSULT Berlin Christmas Lounge 2017

Björn Lorenz12/13/2017

The illuminated Brandenburg Gate, the enormous Christmas tree on the Pariser Platz - a more suitable setting could hardly have been found for this year's COSMO CONSULT Berlin Christmas Lounge: The Brandenburg Gate Museum is a place that brings together history and modernity. A space where Berlin can put its best foot forward with a fast-paced multimedia show on a huge 270 ° degree screen. A fitting place to reflect on the past year and to look ahead to the future.


Looking forward to the New Year

The Berlin COSMOnauts did not spend too much time with contemplative retrospection, though. They moved rapidly through the prominent projects of the past year and current developments in the company; then the focus was directed to the future. "We wanted to inspire our customers by showing them which opportunities are created by new, innovative technologies for process optimization, customer service and corporate management," explains Jan Grefe, Managing Director of COSMO CONSULT Berlin.

Just working with data

In particular, the focus was on the "One Microsoft" strategy, which brings together different technologies such as the Microsoft SharePoint portal system, Microsoft Power BI for data analysis and Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise software. In a guest lecture on the subject of digital transformation, the software company revealed exactly what this means - and gave the participants an idea of the future product strategy. The details followed in several lectures by COSMO CONSULT. One of the things these took a look at was the new 2018 version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system, which significantly simplifies integration into the system environment. Just a few clicks are necessary, for example, to transfer content from the ERP system to an e-mail. Another, practice-oriented session demonstrated how easy it is to evaluate and publish ERP data using the Microsoft Power BI data analytics solution.

Planning is needed before going digital

The visionary part of the Christmas lounge was handled by Uwe Bergmann, CEO of the COSMO CONSULT Group. He painted a picture of a digital business world in which we “might communicate more often with bots than with our fellow human beings; where we do our work exclusively on the go; and in which data is the most important currency." Finally, Uwe Bergmann had a tip for the participants of the Christmas lounge: "Going digital requires a good plan with a concrete goal." Daniel Riekenberg from BALLY WULFF agreed with that statement whole-heartedly. The slot machine manufacturer manages customer service on the road with Dynamics NAV and the mobile app ANVEO. As a result, the company today functions more efficiently and completely paper-free: "Before getting started, we thought carefully about where we wanted to go - and then we took our processes digital."

The festive backdrop for the Christmas Lounge was a multimedia journey from the year the Brandenburg Gate was built to the present day. To round things out there was mulled wine, pastries and a guided tour around the Pariser Platz. Singing Christmas carols was not obligatory.

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