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100 days of employee health - 40 COSMO teams take a trip

Gero Brinkbäumer05/12/2017
Global Challenge

Europe's leading Microsoft Dynamics partner COSMO CONSULT is expanding its international program for employee health by participating in the globally successful Virgin Pulse Global Challenge. In this team-based global challenge initiative, participating employees are motivated to improve their health through physical activity and conscious lifestyle choices in the context of a virtual 100-day journey around the globe in a way that promotes community and is at the same time personally challenging.


People who work hard to achieve top results in today’s working environment, especially in the innovation-driven IT industry, are not infrequently subjected to stress: Deadlines must be met; requests from colleagues, superiors and customers must take into account and coordinated; there is rapid technological progress, fierce competition, and a focus on performance and efficiency. To ensure that neither your health nor your private life is neglected in all of this, requires conscious measures, and above all the support of these measures from the side of the company.

According to the guiding principle of "Business-software for people", COSMO CONSULT has been pursuing various initiatives for many years in which the focus in the company is on people and provide a healthy, livable working environment characterized by mutual respect. One result among others of these efforts was being selected as “TOP” employer, a selection which was recently made by an independent institution on the basis of a detailed survey the employee satisfaction. With the Global Challenge, COSMO CONSULT is now expanding its initiatives to actively promote the physical and mental health of its employees with a globally established and proven program.

As part of the Global Challenge, teams of seven employees from COSMO CONSULT’s international locations undertake a virtual 100-day journey around the globe. Together with colleagues and in friendly competition with other teams, participants keep tabs on their progress via an activity tracker and work towards a daily target of 10,000 steps. While they are doing this the web and smartphone app helps them explore new places along their virtual journey, interact in community forums and gain additional trophies. "Through its playful approach and the fact that you compete in teams, it awakens both curiosity and ambition. The positive effect on health and personal well-being through physical activity comes about almost on its own", explains Kim Helmig, human resources manager and initiator of the Global Challenge at COSMO CONSULT.

Movement in the literal sense is only one level of the multi-tiered approach of the Global Challenge: "Movement has not only a physical component, but also a mental one, and this program is also about that", said Kim Helmig. "Other modules based on scientifically-proven evidence can help you review your dietary habits and to achieve psychological well-being, balance and a healthy sleep pattern. Ultimately, it is about supporting the people’s own motivation to make conscious lifestyle choices."

"The health of our employees has top priority for us," explains Uwe Bergmann, CEO the COSMO CONSULT group. "We do not just pay lip service to this idea and it is not a concession with a view to economic utility. It is part of our self-image as a company that focuses first and foremost on people - the people who work with our enterprise solutions, and the people who develop these solutions and implement them for customers. You can only have a healthy company if you have healthy employees."

The next Global Challenge cycle officially begins on May 24. All COSMO CONSULT locations in Europe and Latin America are represented by national and international teams.

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