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Organisational Management


Many companies have evolved over time — processes and procedures are supported by internally programmed software and interrupted manually.

In day-to-day business, the customer and the service to be provided are key. Strategic and operational potential for improvement and development are not a priority. In the medium and long term, this creates a gap.

The market is constantly placing new demands on products and services. The necessary logistics processes cannot be mapped sufficiently. On-hand stock negatively affects the balance sheet and long-term storage takes up valuable warehouse space. Who is responsible for setting the course of short to medium-term organisational and information technology measures?

Our offer

To provide you with the best possible service, we have split "Organisational management" into four separate offerings:

1. Organisation and IT check

  • Quick check of organisation of processes and structures and the IT support for these Recommendations for:
    • Short-term quick wins and
    • Medium-term contributions to goals by means of IT and organisational projects
  • Overview of current and foreseeable risks in your company, with a particular focus on IT and organisation

2. 360-degree company check

  • Impartial analysis of related thematic areas from different perspectives with regard to:
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities, and
    • Threats
  • Identification of priorities and potential for action
  • Suggested list of actions

3. Process-oriented IT requirements

  • Ascertainment of business processes for:
    • Incoming and outgoing documents
    • Persons or organisational units concerned and their roles, and
    • Data sources and data sinks
  • Derivation of process and function requirements for an IT system
  • Coordination of non-function-oriented requirements
  • Documentation of a list of requirements for the selection of a standard system or custom software
  • Support in the selection of a standard system

4. Process optimisation (core processes)

  • The creation of a process map for a company or specific organisational unit
  • Collection of unstructured information on individual business processes and the creation of process profiles
  • Modelling of the process map with a modelling tool
  • Modelling of the "actual" business processes using EPC or BPMN modelling notation
  • Attribution of process elements in accordance with optimisation goals
  • Development of business process alternatives ("target"), assessment and comparison with decision-making support
  • Development of an implementation plan for the transition to the "target" business process
  • Development of recommendations for a concerted change to both the organisational structure and IT support

Do you have any questions?

Our approach and tools

  • Linking internal knowledge and experience with external expertise and best practice
  • Review of the company organisation and recommendations for potential changes from impartial experts
  • Fast collection of clear, unadulterated key business information with minimal employee involvement
  • Structured interviews with managers and employees
  • Evaluation of strengths/weaknesses and risks in the company

Your benefit — your results

  • Strengthening of entrepreneurial freedom
  • Concerted orientation of all parties concerned towards sustainable, success-oriented corporate development
  • Generation of sustainable results
  • Partners and customers perceive you as a stable and responsible business partner
  • Managed risks as a basis for negotiations with financial service providers
  • An independent survey of the current mood within the company and a risk assessment from different perspectives

Competent consulting team

Our consultants have worked in companies as heads of accounting departments and/or in auditing firms and have developed a wealth of experience on the basis of this.

Practical experience combined with operational advice leads to holistic support that goes above and beyond familiar, theoretical high-level consulting approaches. You will benefit from our consultants' years of experience in various large projects at other companies in the same industry.

IT plays a very important role, particularly in the financial sector. It is here that our advisers benefit from very close contact with the COSMO CONSULT group's ERP consultants. Whereas any other external consultant would take time to come to grips with specialised knowledge, our associates will easily and promptly draw on their previous experience.

Get more out of your business

Does this sound interesting?

By working with you, we know that we can find the ideal concept to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss how COSMO CONSULT and our specific business consulting services can help you to get more output of your business.

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