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Benefit from IoT: Increase customer value

Michael Wilp09/22/2021

Among other things, Internet of Things (IoT) offers you a great opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors by increasing the customer value offered by your products. For example, a web-based app provided in conjunction with a product can be used as an additional value-added service. For the customer, the use of IoT is associated with the following benefits: 

  • Improved usability of the product offered by remote control via smartphone app

  • Increased transparency regarding the operation of the product (such as information on the type and extent of use, consumption, efficiency or savings)  

  • Support of product maintenance in order to save operating or maintenance costs 

The following three examples demonstrate how customer experience can be enhanced with the help of IoT.  

Example 1 – App-assisted vacuum cleaner robot 

Many vacuum cleaner robots for domestic use now come with an app that allows the customer to set the suction program (better operability). In addition, some manufacturers also offer in their apps a graphical depiction of rooms and associated areas that were cleaned on the respective day (transparency of operation). 


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Example 2 – Better route planning for garbage trucks 

A manufacturer of waste collection vehicles has equipped their fleet with IoT sensors that allow the weight of the waste garbage cans to be determined during emptying. This information can be used by customers – municipal cleaning companies – to optimize the route planning of garbage trucks and reduce operating costs. 

Example 3 – Pipelines with “integrated inspection” capability 

In the future, pipelines carrying corrosive liquids on the process side may already be offered with integrated sensors that continuously measure the wall thickness. The plant operator can call up the measured values via a web app, regardless of location and time, and is thus permanently informed about the level of wear in the pipeline. In addition, costs can be saved by eliminating conventional inspections. 

How do you plan to profitably establish IoT in your company?
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