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COSMO CONSULT receives Community Award at Directions EMEA

Björn Lorenz11/22/2021

The COSMO CONSULT Group introduced its COSMO Azure DevOps & Docker Self Service, a pre-configured development environment for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system at this year's Directions EMEA, Microsoft’s partner conference. This new cloud service lets you deploy operational development environments quickly and scale them up flexibly. This concept had such a good reception at the conference that COSMO CONSULT was awarded the community award for the most innovative solution. Starting now, COSMO Azure DevOps & Docker Self-Service can be booked online in the COSMO CONSULT Marketplace.

You usually need more than a laptop to develop business software. What developers and programmers usually need are special development environments that run on server systems or in the cloud. If a team is working on a project, you even need several development, test and special environments. The structuring, control and automation of development tasks must also be considered. However, setting up such development landscapes is technically complex and demanding in terms of the resources required, as is maintaining them.

Winning an award right when entering the market

Developers using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system can leverage the new cloud service of the COSMO CONSULT Group starting right now. The world's leading Microsoft Dynamics partner recently introduced the COSMO Azure DevOps & Docker Self-Service to the public at the Directions EMEA Microsoft partner conference in Milan, and immediately won the Community Award. The awards committee, which includes representatives from the Directions organisation and Microsoft, grants this prize annually for innovative solutions that promote knowledge transfer within the Business Central community. The team led by Tobias Fenster, CTO at COSMO CONSULT, came in first among 28 top-class competitors that presented many good ideas. "We are very proud and we are very happy to have won the award. This is our reward for two years of development work. We hope that the Business Central community will benefit  from our work quickly, and that it will foster continued growth in professionalism," said Fenster. The COSMO Azure DevOps & Docker Self-Service has proven itself in practice for ERP projects.  It is already being used by partners and customers of the COSMO CONSULT Group.

Everything Business Central developers and consultants need

The cloud service is aimed at both developers who work in companies or for Microsoft partners and at freelancers. On top of generous cloud capacity, the service also has all the tools you need to develop on the Business Central platform. This includes a user interface for consultants in the form of a Microsoft Power App. Via a straight-forward frontend, you can also specify whether development work is to be done on the upcoming, the current or an older version of the ERP system. The platform’s operation and support is ensured by the Cloud & IT Services (CIS) team, which has a lot of experience dealing with Azure-based productive environments. "We are very glad to have a stable basis and a professional support team for the COSMO Azure DevOps & Docker Self-Service. This allows developers and consultants to concentrate on their core tasks without worrying about infrastructure or technical configuration," said Christian Krause, head of the CIS team at COSMO CONSULT.

Open for booking online

The COSMO Azure DevOps & Docker Self Service runs in the COSMO Cloud and can be booked via the COSMO CONSULT Marketplace at The starter package includes four environments that can be used for current or new development projects. Usage time and capacity can be flexibly scaled up or cancelled on a monthly or annual basis. Pricing is available upon request.

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