Mastering the current situation with data-based intelligence

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Business efficiency and competitiveness are ongoing tasks, but in times of difficult situations they are more important than ever.

"Always done this way" is not a good advisor at present and should be replaced by the slogan "Seeking new ways". Discover data as a reliable tool in a situation where there is no experience, challenges change daily and knowledge is more important than assumptions. 

In this webinar we will show you how to

  • keep an eye on your key figures through dashboards based on ERP data
  • perfectly balance inventories with forecasts and mathematical precision
  • organize teamwork in such a way that your employees work together more committed and effectively despite distance. 


The topics of the webinar

In this webinar we will deal with

  • Data and their significance in the actual situation
  • Dashboards from cc|power bi suite and how you can use them to make data visible
  • Powerful forecasts for each item with cc|optimized demand forecast
  • The perfect balance in the warehouse with cc|optimized order suggestions

The webinar is for controllers, sales managers, dispatchers and warehouse managers as well as all people in management positions who want to use data to master the actual situation and ensure the future viability of their company. 

There will be enough time for your questions during the webinar as the number of participants is limited.
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Alfred Grünert
Operations Manager BI • Business Intelligence
+43 50 551-2140

Daniel Gburek
Solution Manager Data & Analytics | Business Development
+49 351 212957-39

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