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COSMO CONSULT’s cc|text module Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft News06/29/2019
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COSMO CONSULT announced today that it has published its eighth app for Microsoft Dynamics 365, cc|text module, on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.
With the cc|text module, users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can add additional text modules to documents and reports, generating them automatically or selecting them from the pop-up menu. The central text management ensures additional security, efficiency, and a consistent appearance in correspondence with customers, suppliers and partners.

While business processes in production are often optimized down to the smallest detail, considerable rationalization reserves are still lurking in the administration of many companies. When it comes to communication with customers, partners and suppliers, much is still done manually. The result: a high workload, high error rates and inconsistent documents. This is particularly risky in those industries where precise descriptions, payment and delivery terms are essential – apart from the fact that, in the case of service, life is made more difficult if there is differing information in each document.

High level of automation

Another advantage is the automation. For example, the print control can be used to determine whether individual text elements are displayed as standard or optional. Text blocks can even be printed automatically on documents for a certain period of time –  for example, to draw attention to special promotions.

Secure, efficient and consistent

With cc|text module, companies communicate with customers, partners and suppliers more efficiently, flexibly and securely. All text modules are managed centrally. This ensures that the wording, for example of payment or delivery terms, is identical in all documents. Because employees no longer create texts manually or copy them from templates, they save time and avoid errors.

“cc|text module provides additional text management and text editing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. For example, the print control can be used to determine whether individual text elements are output as standard or optional. This means that Dynamics 365 Business Central is enhanced in the standard version,” said Gerrit Schiller, Chief Operating Officer, COSMO CONSULT.

Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Senior Director, AppSource Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp., said, “Through Microsoft AppSource, customers around the world can easily find tailored line-of-business solutions from our partners that work with the products they already use. “We’re happy to welcome COSMO CONSULT’s new solution for enhancing business automation and efficiencies to the growing AppSource ecosystem.”

Learn more about cc|textmodule at its page on AppSource.

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