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And the winner is: UNICEF Children’s Fund

Björn Lorenz01/15/2019
Picture: And the winner is: UNICEF Children’s Fund

Shortly before the end of the year, just in time for the peak of the “giving season,” the COSMO CONSULT Group introduced a new way of donating to charity. Under the slogan “We donate, you decide,” employees got to choose which organization should get funding and how much. Naturally, the project was conducted as a digital campaign, using Facebook and Instagram. To make sure that the final sum wasn’t spread out over too many recipients, the staff was given two options – UNICEF Children’s Fund and Amnesty International. Every vote cast raised the donation amount by EUR 10. In the course of a few days, we were able to collect about EUR 1,700, which COSMO CONSULT then rounded up to EUR 2,000. The UNICEF Children’s Fund came out the clear winner over Amnesty International and is happy to be receiving the check. “We started this campaign on short notice and were pleasantly surprised by how many people took part just a few days before Christmas,” remarks Kim Helmig, who is Head of HR at the COSMO CONSULT Group and was behind the campaign. It’s pretty safe to say that “We donate, you decide” will be a permanent feature of the way we give to charity in 2019.

COSMO CONSULT has been working for many years to help people in difficult situations. At the global level, we support groups like Aktion Mensch e.V., an organization that takes care of people facing all sorts of struggles. Locally, the COSMO CONSULT digitalization company provides assistance to social projects at various locations within our immediate area. 

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