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Björn Lorenz12/20/2018

What does a digitization company like COSMO CONSULT do at Christmas time? When the last dates are made, the last release change is successful, the last hotfix is rolled out and the last program line of the year is written? Then we think about the really important things with mulled wine and a handful of dry biscuits - and, we think about our traditions.

One of our most beautiful traditions is to help people who are in difficult life situations - such as a serious illness. As befits a business software specialist, we have divided our donation project into agile modules: As the COSMO CONSULT Group, we have been supporting Aktion Mensch e. V. for many years, which cares for people in need for a variety of reasons. New this year is the additional module "We donate, you decide". Here the COSMO CONSULT employees determine which organization receives how much money. Every vote cast is worth ten euros. With scarcely 1,000 coworkers there some might come together. For the start can be chosen between UNICEF and Amnesty International. On a local level, at the various locations, COSMO CONSULT also supports social projects from the immediate regional environment: In Austria, for example, it is the Christkindlbrief campaign that brings a smile to children's lips on Christmas Eve. COSMO CONSULT Dresden, on the other hand, presented the children's home "Nesthäkchen" in Freital with a gift on 1 Advent.

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and friends for the good cooperation and the trust they have placed in us. They are the ones who made everything we achieved this year possible in the first place!

Let the financial year end well - and treat yourself to a few quiet days. COSMO CONSULT wishes you a Merry Christmas and a perfect start into the new year!

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