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Focus on new customers: COSMO CONSULT to use the sales expertise of neugeschaeft

Gero Brinkbäumer09/17/2018

The COSMO CONSULT Group, one of the world's leading digitalization partners and providers of Microsoft Dynamics solutions, will in future count on the know-how and expert solutions of neugeschaeft. The renowned data expert based in Berlin specializes in intelligent information systems and digital services for high-grade business information which support the efficient management of new and existing customers.

Knowing your customers and potential customers well and understanding their individual needs is essential in the consulting and service business. In the digital age, tools that use intelligent processes to aggregate, link and process information for an optimal sales approach are increasingly being developed. That’s where neugeschaeft GmbH comes in. The data and analysis expert based in Berlin supports companies with up-to-date business information, sales know-how and an extensive portfolio of solutions for new customer acquisition and optimum market exploitation.

Detailed overview of the market

From here on, COSMO CONSULT will also count on the expertise of neugeschaeft for an improved sales approach and sound market data. “First-rate data quality and, of course, the assurance that all important information would always be available on time were crucial when we decided on our sales process support. The services and solutions of neugeschaeft won us over in this regard,” explains Kay Hempel, sales expert at COSMO CONSULT and head of the cooperation project.

For Goran Filipovic, managing partner of neugeschaeft, the cooperation also opens up new opportunities: “As a leading Microsoft provider and digitalization expert, the COSMO CONSULT Group is a strong partner that fits very well into our service portfolio.” The neugeschaeft solutions were first trialed in a pilot project at COSMO CONSULT's branch in Berlin. Significant efficiency gains were immediately evident in sales, meaning that other COSMO CONSULT branches throughout Germany are next in line.

Sales approach is key

“High-grade market data is absolutely essential for modern, customer-oriented sales processes,” explains Klaus Aschauer, board member of COSMO CONSULT. “The quality of the sales approach has improved enormously in recent years thanks to Big Data and intelligent information technologies, and support through digital tools will be decisive for the sales sector in the future. It is important that in the midst of it all we don’t forget what it is really about: the customers, their future and their business success.”

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