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Why we should look forward to going digital

Björn Lorenz08/29/2017

Let's take a look at the hit list of the most popular promises related to going digital. Right at the top: "improved collaboration". Collaboration and the distribution of tasks are not really new. These ideas have shaped our lives since we noticed that it is easier to bring down mammoths and woolly rhinoceros when we work as a team. The important point is how much effort we expend. Teamwork still means countless emails, endless meetings and telephone calls that start with “could you just...” The reason: our workflows lack dynamism. Frequently, every single step has to be triggered with great effort. Automated processes are often the exception, even a rarity outside ERP software.

Let's try to find a solution for this - using IT. Google the term "collaboration platform". It’s a relatively specific search, but you still get half a million results. And that is the root of the entire problem: Even in the niches of the IT market there is a pretty impenetrable jungle. Even if you are willing to cooperate closely using digital technology, it is quite difficult to find a common denominator. Uniform protocols, formats and standards? Often there is nothing of the sort.

There is good news, though: Soon we will not be interested in any of these questions anyway. Collaboration is something that is already being done in the cloud frequently today, but in the future, it will be done exclusively there. After all, it is much more efficient to work together on documents in an online meeting, than to send around countless copies by e-mail. Having accounting and purchasing portals is incomparably better suited to integrating corporate software solutions than having direct interfaces between countless individual applications that are constantly changing. The cloud not only brings the desired standardization, it also automates entire processes: between business areas, across different locations and along digital supply chains. To accomplish this, there are not only Office applications that can be used, but also software solutions for business intelligence, process automation or from the field of ERP. In the cloud all events are logged and therefore traceable, without anyone having to lift a finger. In principle, going digital relieves us of the burden of doing the part of the work that we would not miss anyway: Work is therefore much more fun. This can only make collaboration within and between organizations better.

Do you want to experience now what collaboration will feel like in the future? Just call us or send us an e-mail. Then we can discuss how your company can benefit from current trends.


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