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COSMO CONSULT & the digital transformation - Leading by example

Björn Lorenz07/04/2017
La transformation digitale chez Cosmo Consult

Significant market changes never come overnight. Even after Carl Benz introduced his Patent Motor Car Number 1 in 1886, carriages still dominated the streets for decades. Great innovations are more like a slide: Jumping on costs time, money and effort. Customer interest? That grows painfully slowly. The framework conditions? Progress there is in slow motion. But at some point, the tipping point is reached. The moment when there is no holding back. And then you are glad to have been in early. The digital transformation is likely to reach this point soon. Fast broadband networks, cheap IT technologies, storage space at practically no cost and a rethinking inside companies provide the perfect foundation for a fast-paced slide.

By that time, we will have made a 180 degree turn as a software and systems company. Digital transformation is both exciting and demanding at the same time. It is a challenge. It changes business models that are dear to us. Ten years ago, we could hardly imagine anything other than selling software licenses and consulting services. Today, we are generating a steadily growing portion of our revenue with cloud subscriptions. This not only changes our cash flow but also our sales structures and consulting strategies.

At first we were our own best customer. We were one of the first large systems providers to migrated our entire IT infrastructure into the cloud. Regardless of whether we are talking about ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence or Office - we do not run a single application ourselves today. And there is not one application without mobile accessibility. A step that means more to us than simply changing the mode of operation. What can inspire more confidence than yourself using the technology that you stand behind firmly? Because we have already undergone digital transformation, we can better understand the situation our customers are in. It is only by having the experience of going digital ourselves that we have become digital consultants.

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