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Cloud for mid-sized companies

Björn Lorenz08/04/2017

The flexibility of the cloud bolsters entrepreneurial thinking

When was the last time you watched a block of advertisements on commercial television? How often was the word "innovation" used? Twice, three times, four times? In fact, most products have little to do with innovation: Sure, a VW Golf VII is more fun than a Golf I. But the way we get from point A to point B has not changed. 

Reconsidering the way we work


In the cloud, the whole thing looks different. Of course you can also optimize established processes with cloud technology. But that is not the crucial issue. What is crucial is that in the cloud, we have the freedom to rethink tasks and problems. We can reinvent workflows, collaboration in teams, collaboration with business partners - and free our creativity. That works because cloud technologies are scalable, flexible, and easy to use. Cloud solutions can be planned in a free space outside the usual contexts. However, they can also add additional services to existing ERP systems. System integration can also be implemented more elegantly in the cloud than in conventional structures. 

Free from restrictions

Traditional concerns such as project scope, operating costs, security and existing IT infrastructure do not play an important role in the cloud. The roll-out time? Often only a few hours depending on the service. Operation? Not our problem. Level of security? Higher in large data centers than in a company’s own server room. In the cloud you pay only for the services you request – there are no large investments, no purchasing licenses to have in reserve. These are ideal conditions to try out new approaches. When everything goes well, cloud solutions are quickly integrated and can be rolled out across the company. If the project fails, it only takes a few clicks to kill it off in a timely manner. You can then simply take your data with you: either to another cloud service or to your own server.

More entrepreneurship for mid-sized companies

Given this mentality, the cloud has first and foremost been successful with start-ups and small businesses that previously had no access to these technologies. At this time, though, it could help to strengthen entrepreneurial thinking in mid-sized companies as well. With the cloud, free spaces are created to try out new approaches - which ultimately lead to new business models and competitive products. That is good. After all, economic success is still based on innovation and the willingness to look for new ways to do things.

Maybe we should look for new ways together? We will support you on your path into the cloud. Just call us or send us an e-mail. Then we can discuss how your company can benefit from current trends. 

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