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COSMO CONSULT Group: successful start as Cloud Solution Provider

Katja Damm07/26/2016
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The COSMO CONSULT Group – leading Microsoft ERP partner in Europe – is proud to have attained the status of a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) on the 30th of May. The first successful implementation has already been completed with the Q-railing Europe GmbH & Co.KG in Emmerich am Rhein. The company is a manufacturer of latest-technology railing systems operating on a global basis. The recent collaboration with COSMO CONSULT made them the first German CSP client using Microsoft Dynamics AX7 in the cloud.

The demand for cloud-based software services is continuously rising and also mid-sized companies show increasing interest to use cloud-based products. The market volume is expected to exceed 100 billion US dollar by far until 2017. Factors like significant cost advantages, short implementation periods, various innovative cloud services as well as the technological requirements of the digital transformation convince companies to become cloud users and accelerate the market development.
The CSP status represents a high level of expertise and competence regarding the work with cloud-based software and services. In addition to the basic cloud software provided by Microsoft, COSMO CONSULT is able to offer their own industry-specific cloud solutions.

Ingo Jansen – CTO of the Q-railing Europe GmbH & Co.KG – comments on the company’s choice of software solution and partner: “Microsoft Dynamics AX7 suits our international requirements best by including country-specific versions and a variety of languages. The cloud technology simplifies the integration into our on-premises software and Office 365 environment and eases the compatibility with all kinds of user devices. It also allows us to use the software without building up a complex global infrastructure and enables us to drive innovation and agility further instead.” Also in terms of partner selection, Jansen is happy to announce: “With COSMO CONSULT we found the right partner to meet our requirements and support us with experience and know-how during the implementation of Dynamics AX7 in the cloud.”

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