The voice of medium-sized businesses: COSMO CONSULT is a member of the BVMW (German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses)

COSMO CONSULT ist Mitglied im Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft (BVMW)

COSMO CONSULT is a partner of the BVMW and was awarded its seal of approval. As a leading cross-industry business association, the BVMW represents the interests of medium-sized companies and forms one of the most important networks of such businesses in Germany and Europe.

A strong partnership

Together we are strong – that is the motto of the BVMW, which, together with its co-operating professional and trade associations, represents around 270,000 businesses and over nine million employees. The BVMW is therefore the largest voluntarily organised force for German medium-sized businesses and is the largest business network of its type in the world.

On the pulse of the industry

Through its membership in the BVMW, COSMO CONSULT actively supports the association in representing the interests of German medium-sized businesses in politics and the economy. At the same time, COSMO CONSULT benefits from the exchange of information within the association and is able to react ahead of time to important industry trends, scientific and technological advances.

Commitment to the ethical principles of medium-sized businesses

For COSMO CONSULT, commitment to the ethical principles of medium-sized businesses is especially important. As a member of the BVMW and being a medium-sized business in Germany, we explicitly adhere to the principles of sustainability, fair competition, commercial reliability and above all to humanity in all of our business activities.

Does this sound interesting?

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