Schmidinger GmbH

All-round CRM solution ensures transparency

“By upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and extensive redesign, we have gained unprecedented clarity and transparency for operational and strategic work. We can now fully exploit the CRM with all its strengths. It is absolutely living up to its name with focus on the customers.”

Florian Schmidinger, Managing Director, Schmidinger GmbH

Company Profile

Schmidinger GmbH is a full-service provider of windows and doors as well as living space extensions and glazing. Founded in 1981 as a one-man business, the family-owned company today has more than 30 employees. Under the slogan “Beautiful Views” the medium-sized company with a staff of in-house, specially trained installers carries out any work related to window replacement and terrace areas.

The version of the customer management system used so far could only support the internal process to a limited extent and no longer offered consistent information quality. Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics CRM was intended to “restart” customer relationship management.

Initial situation

The old version of the CRM used did not provide sufficient support, neither to the employees nor the management. The quality of the customer data has already deteriorated extensively. Since each user had developed their own way of operation over the years and numerous uncoordinated changes and customizations were made, the system was paralyzed to some extent. Several system fields were no longer used, a continuous data analysis was not possible, and an overall perspective on the relationships in the CRM was missing. Despite the extensive amount of administrative work required, only a small, useful output could be gained.

The challenge

What needed to be fixed?

The ultimate goal was to increase the user acceptance of the system by recovering or increasing the information output. Whereas the employees previously regarded the maintenance of data as an additional and laborious workload, the CRM was supposed to support and facilitate the daily work processes with its original advantages in customer management. Processes were to be optimized and evaluations made possible through consistent application and clean data quality, which would create a completely new benefit. Another new goal was the introduction of inquiry management. 

Office integration 

Microsoft Outlook has once again been established as the central communication platform for the solid synchronization of emails, appointments, and tasks.

The solution

What issues were resolved and what advantages were gained?

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft is a stable and reliable manufacturer that guarantees investment security and future viability. The MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 used to date was established technically and did not disappoint in its reliability and its applications. The new version also offered important features needed, such as business processes and dashboards.


Since COSMO CONSULT had already executed the basic CRM implementation and had proven to be a reliable supporter in technology matters, they decided quickly for the consulting firm as a strong partner for the implementation of the software upgrade.

Project participants & communication

The communication and coordination was consistently handled between one consultant on the part of COSMO CONSULT and a responsible person at Schmidinger. As part of the Province of Upper Austria’s funding program “Innovation Assistants/Consultants for SMEs,” Schmidinger employed a young graduate, who initiated the project and directed it as the responsible person for Schmidinger.

The benefits

What have we gained?

All sales, distribution, and service processes have been optimized with the new CRM version. The quality of information has been increased immensely. The users are now very willing to enter data records neatly and maintain them consistently due to the tangible added value of the CRM.Where previously data was merely entered and kept, it can now actually be used. The management benefits from the significant advantage of great forecast accuracy based on good data quality. Lists, graphics, and reports support every area of daily work and planning.

Service calendar

The service calendar offers simplified planning and clear visualization of the installations, resources, new orders, and complaints. Bad planning can now be avoided proactively. The calendar can be used to create utilization and workload forecasts, which in turn enable revenue forecasts. The system provides a sales and installation preview twice a month. 

Inquiry management 

Service inquiries and complaints are now assigned as inquiries to the respective employee and recorded digitally. The work capacity to handle any possible complaints is thus visible and comprehensible for the management.

Order management

Order fulfillment processes are now completely recorded in the CRM, which was previously only partially implemented. The recorded business processes provide a clear overview as to which process phase an order is currently at. The management can decide promptly based on needs which order should be prioritized (such as for material ordering or billing). Digitalization also eliminates the source of errors in manual transmission from one list to the next.

Customer form

The customer form now provides an overview of current and completed inquiries, orders, and sales opportunities at a glance based on data from previous years.

Sales process

Sales opportunities can now also be viewed locally on clear digital lists. These can be monitored and managed in detail with dashboards and 90 percent of the physical portfolio application being replaced by digital management.


Each user can customize dashboards individually to his needs and his role in the form of “My CRM” without losing the uniformity of the data and stringency of the system. Such dashboards are now the manager cockpit for the management from where order processing and sales activities can be controlled. Important evaluations and reports were developed and recorded as basis for operational and strategic decisions. All this has significantly increased the ratio of benefits versus the work it takes to keep up the documentation as compared to the old solution.

What's next?

This system should now cover the requirements of the company for a few years. With every piece of recorded information, the system gains relevance and increases the benefits for employees and management.


This is a reference for COSMO CONSULT SI GmbH, 4407 Steyr-Gleink in Austria (formerly FWI Information Technology GmbH)

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