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Whitepaper series: "How to get off to a successful start in digitization".

The key to successful digitization lies in preparation, because process optimization alone is not enough.

  • How digitally prepared are you?
  • Which business areas can quickly bring you digital added value?
  • How do you manage your digital scheduling in batch production?

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Whitepaper: How process manufacturers benefit from digital transformation

Many medium-sized companies in the process industry face the challenge of driving digitization forward for reasons of cost and efficiency. However, due to specific manufacturing processes, it is necessary to develop an individual roadmap here in addition to classic Industrie 4.0 networking topics. In this white paper, you will learn how the DigiCheck helps you to explore your potential: For example, in the direction of digital business models, automated compliance or better decision support in business processes.

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Whitepaper: The 3 steps of digitalization

For small and medium-sized companies in particular, the tasks of digital transformation are associated with many challenges and risks, because they usually have to be completed in addition to their already busy day-to-day business. In addition, they often involve solutions that have to be created individually. There is a lack of time and resources to deal with the topic - even though a lot is often already known about the possibilities of digitization, and often even concrete ideas are available, the topic remains on the back burner.

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Whitepaper: Enter the future with reliable master data

The topic of master data management has long been regarded as a tiresome task that was rather low on the agenda. However, in order to leverage the potential of digitization, there is now no way around mastering universally valid corporate data. It is the key to shorter time-to-market, more customized production and, above all, greater sustainability. The white paper shows where appropriate digital approaches - integrated into the ERP system - help to collect reliable master data and save costs.

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Whitepaper: Digital disposition in batch production

A great deal is demanded of materials planning in batch production due to an ever-increasing focus on the customer. This also includes flexible response to customer-specific change requests. In order to optimally plan and control production, but also to optimize inventories, utilization and capacity, approaches based on data analytics, machine learning and AI are worthwhile. The white paper shows where corresponding digital approaches - integrated into the ERP system - help to leverage efficiency potential and save costs.

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Whitepaper: Life cycle data for predictive maintenance

Small and medium-sized companies in particular are hesitant to get involved in IoT technology. "The topic is exciting, but it's too big for us," they often say. However, practical experience in the manufacturing environment shows that the necessary technology is both cost-effective and reliable, and implementation is often possible within very short timeframes.

Predictive maintenance in particular has been identified as one of the first major application scenarios in production as part of Industry 4.0, and for good reason. In many companies, tracking and tracing technologies for reducing unproductive time spent searching for materials or parts can also contribute to significant savings and make logistical processes faster and more efficient. In parallel, they help with automated compliance with legal requirements, such as traceability in the pharmaceutical industry.

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