Product data management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With cc|product data management, you can process technical documents from areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics company-wide based on consistent rules. Relevant drawings and documents are managed in one place and automatically accompany the processes in Production, Purchasing or Service.

Over the course of their life cycle, many products undergo changes, e.g. due to technical improvements or a change of supplier. cc|product data management painstakingly records every product modification and ensures that every department, every employee and every affected process are working according to the latest specifications. cc|product data management comprises the following function groups:

  • Drawing Management
  • Change Management
  • Revision Management
  • Connect to over 20 CAD, PDM and PLM systems

cc|product data management in overview

Drawing management

Technical drawings always on hand

The drawing management system in cc|product data management allows you to manage as many technical drawings and drawing versions as you want, including wiring diagrams, exploded views or assembly drawings. You decide which documents to release and which data and processes to associate them with. These could be articles, parts lists or jobs, for example. And what comes in really handy is the option of inheriting documents. For example, if a certain article has a document saved with it, the document automatically gets associated with parts lists or jobs that contain the article.

With cc|product data management, your staff always has the information they need in order to get their work done. Status management allows engineers to choose which drawings and documents to include in the process and which ones to exclude. And if you want to know who edited which document and when, just look over at the document usage section.

Easily manage drawing revisions to wiring diagrams, exploded views or assembly drawings

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The advantages of drawing management

  • Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Manage drawing revisions efficiently
  • Link drawings with any processes and objects you wish
  • Multiple drawing types per article
  • Detailed status management
  • Transparent usage check function

Revision Management

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Document changes clearly traceable

The revision management feature in cc|product data management ensures that data remains consistent as changes are made. Comfort functions make it easy to identify affected parts.

An important point is the usage check which determines the application area of the individual drawings. On the basis of this information, it will be decided if the entire product structure, the assembly or only the individual part is to be adjusted. The modified documents can also be efficiently distributed. cc|product data management uses the option to automatically inherit documents in order to update all documents in circulation to the latest version.

The advantages of revision management

  • Easily manage drawing revisions
  • Inherit revisions automatically or manually
  • Use the drawing usage feature to quickly identify affected parts
  • Easily replace revisions

Change Management

Keep tabs of ongoing changes

The change management function in cc|product data management lets you specifically control cross-departmental processes. Change notifications inform Engineering of all the necessary adjustments. Detailed information is provided on the type of change and the components affected. Based on this, the design engineer can review the process in detail and make decisions about product modifications – all with no need to go digging for information.

Each product change is included into the company organization via a change order. In addition, a flexible task list defines the jobs of the departments involved. The individual tasks are monitored and transparently documented by the system. This way, your engineers are always kept up-to-date with the latest document versions.

Standardized processes ensure transparency and efficient change management

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The advantages of change management

  • Standardized change processes for Engineering
  • Automatically notify the departments involved
  • Processing status feature provides info on the progress of individual tasks

cad connector

Your direct line to the CAD world

How well and how efficiently your company works depends, first and foremost, on the availability and quality of data. In the context of discrete manufacturing, this essentially means having proper CAD data to ensure that production runs smoothly. In order for ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV to optimally support your company, the minimum requirements are as follows:

  • at least 90 percent of all inventories should be logged correctly
  • at least 90 percent of all work instructions and operations should be described precisely
  • at least 98 percent of the parts lists should be accurate
  • at least 99 percent of the article master data should be documented in full detail

This generally requires being able to seamlessly link the company software to conventional CAD, PDM and PLM systems. This task is handled by the optionally available cc|product data management - cad connector, which includes connections to over 20 CAD, PLM and PDM systems. The individual alignment of the cad connector with the respective operational requirements ensures that the data in the ERP and CAD system is always up-to-date and identical. In addition to drawings, items and parts lists, the tool also harmonizes processes between CAD and ERP systems. The tool is based on CAD interface technology, which assists users with efficient visual fault detection, among other features

The cc|product management – cad connector connects Microsoft Dynamics NAV to all conventional CAD, PLM and PDM systems.

The advantages of the cad connector

  • Lets you integrate 20 different CAD, PDM and PLM systems
  • Data synchronization in real time
  • Direct integration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Provides a visual display of detected faults

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