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Automated accounts payable systems with web-based approval routines for Microsoft Dynamics

ExFlow is an add-on software module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX that enables the handling and approval of invoices via a web interface.

ExFlow simplifies the process in several ways:

  • Scanning the incoming invoice
  • Optical character recognition
  • Electronic approval workflow
  • Final booking
  • Overview of the approval process history
  • Analyses and statistics

    ExFlow is an application for companies that want to handle their incoming invoice process more quickly with an effective, web-based approval routine. For companies with a large number of invoices, there is great savings potential, especially when the people who approve the invoices do not work in the same place (for example, in different offices, branches, countries etc.). In addition, the paper flow is minimized and costs are presented more clearly, which improves cost control.

    ExFlow is completely integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX, which means staff work in a familiar environment. The registration of invoices can be done manually or via an OCR program. The approval process is proposed on the basis of pre-defined approval rules, depending on the supplier, account, dimensions or amount limits. Then the system sends an e-mail report to the first reviewer in the workflow. The accounting department can access both a complete overview of all the invoices that are in the approval workflow and the history of the steps in the approval process for each invoice at any time. The software automatically sends email notifications to inform the staff who approve the invoices that there are new invoices to be reviewed. The accounting department can recall the task at any time or manually change the approval procedure.

    Because it is simple to access analyses and statistics, users can quickly get an overall impression of the complete approval process.

    The approval process in detail

    After new invoices have been registered in Microsoft Dynamics, the first person in the process chain receives a status report on all invoices requiring approval via email. That person simply logs into the web application to view the complete details of the pending invoices. In addition, the reviewer can access the invoices that have been forwarded for additional approval, rejected or temporarily halted for a further examination.

    The automated accounts payable system displays invoices awaiting approval with an image, including the preliminary account assignment. Reviewers with the appropriate permissions can change accounts, items, quantities, prices and dimensions and even split the amount into several lines. When the reviewer has made all the desired changes, the software sends the invoice to the next person in the workflow.

    For each invoice that must be assigned to an account, the reviewer can access the approval history of the vendor. This overview makes it possible to find past invoices and view the account assignments. It thus eliminates the need to ask the accounting department for the appropriate information.

    Search function in the web interface

    The search function in the web interface allows the reviewer to search for previous invoices. Normal users can only search their own invoices, while users with elevated privileges can search all the invoices of the company (this also includes the following two criteria: booked in a given period or to a particular cost center). In cases of vacation or sick leave, the respective reviewers may designate their own deputies.

    Invoice in Microsoft Dynamics

    User interface of ExFlow Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV - COSMO CONSULT

    Invoice online

    Online user interface of the ExFlow solution - COSMO CONSULT

    Exflow is a product of SignUp software. As an official partner, COSMO CONSULT can draw on several years of experience and in-depth expertise in the implementation of ExFlow.

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    ERP and GDPR

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Version 2018 or later will comply with this EU directive by default.

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