Christophe | Senior Consultant | France

First name: Christophe

Age: 35

Job title: Senior Consultant

Office: Paris, France

In which year did you start with COSMO CONSULT? 2014

What do you like most about your work at COSMO CONSULT?
We have a lot of great projects. Our expert colleagues are always available to share some tips & tricks and teach us new concepts. Meet a lot of different people. And I like the organizational and technical challenge.

Please describe your job:

I help Financial Directors, Accounting Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Production Managers, etc. find the best solution to manage their needs.   

Sometimes the solution involves a modification of NAV and depending on the case I develop this solution or I explain to a developer what must be done.  

In other cases, we have to find an existing solution, so I search our add-on catalogue or contact partners in order to find the solution which will respond to the needs of my customers.  

We have some international projects, so to manage this type of project we travel and meet a lot of different people and cultures. It’s really interesting!  

Once a year, I explain my job and the concepts of ERP in a University. Students are always impressed by the list of different subjects which are addressed in our job.  

I always say to them: if you don’t want stay at an office all the time and see the same subject every day: join us, you’ll be never bored! In our company, it’s a great technological and human adventure!!!     

What are your hobbies/interests?
Science-fiction books, IoT development, Sport, Videogames