A modern implementation toolset for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

COSMO Alpaca is there to help you throughout the entire lifecycle of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by providing standardized, automated implementation processes.

The challenges

Development or implementation processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are often neither standardized nor automated. Often, companies lack the technical knowledge necessary for efficient implementation. That leads to lower quality, lower productivity, and long periods for training to become familiar with the new processes. Are you looking for a solution that optimises your implementation processes?

The support

COSMO Alpaca is a cost-effective, powerful all-in-one solution that lets you develop and implement projects and products for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It helps you automate and standardize development processes throughout the entire application lifecycle. This includes the following aspects:

  • Setting up projects and pipelines
  • Deploying development and test environments as containers and
  • artefact and release management.

COSMO Alpaca integrates seamlessly with Azure DevOps, GitHub and BcContainerHelper. The fully managed SaaS service is easy to use either through a Visual Studio code extension or PowerApp. Because no technical expertise is required, your project team can start immediately.

The benefits

Automating and standardizing development processes lowers costs. One reason costs are lower is that this both minimizes the number of manual tasks and increases efficiency. Automating processes saves your project team time that they can put to better use than dealing with repetitive tasks. Both the development and test environments and the artefact and release management system also help improve the quality of projects and products. After all, using these tools ensures that new developments have been thoroughly tested and are really ready for the market. Last but not least, using SaaS lets you enjoy all the advantages of these tools without having to worry about running them.

SaaS Self-Service

  • Simple use for developers, consultants and project managers
  • No expertise, training or dedicated IT teams needed
  • No local infrastructure problems

Project team can focus on core tasks

Save 20 hours per developer every month

  • -1.5 hours per week in project setup
  • -3.2 hours per week in development
  • -0.5 hours per week in QA and deployment


More time for important tasks

Better project and product results

  • End-to-end standardization and automation
  • Lower setup costs, automatic updates
  • High-performance environments, automated rollouts

Increased satisfaction for both employees and customers

This is how COSMO Alpaca supports the individual phases of the application lifecycle:

COSMO Alpaca supports throughout the application lifecycle
COSMO Alpaca in the application lifecycle

What distinguishes COSMO Alpaca from other solutions is its focus on the entire application cycle. You can see this in the following overview:

All technical aspects are managed completely by COSMO CONSULT. Users only need to interact with the applications.
All technical aspects are managed completely by COSMO CONSULT. Users only need to interact with the applications.

In contrast to other solutions such as ALOps, COSMO Alpaca does not require a time-consuming initial setup procedure. There are, however, extensive configuration options that can be used to make adjustments if needed.

The infrastructure costs for environments for development, tests, demos and acceptance are all included with COSMO Alpaca. The infrastructure runs entirely on Microsoft Azure and is monitored and managed around the clock by the dedicated COSMO Cloud team. That means you do not need to worry about technical details.

In 2021, COSMO Alpaca received the Directions Community Award as the most comprehensive and technologically advanced solution.

Thanks to its holistic approach, COSMO Alpaca saves you a lot of time. A survey among users showed that you save an average of 20 hours per week. Most of this time is saved in development. Costs for project preparation, quality assurance and automated deployment are also lower.

The time saved can be used to work on other products or projects. Freeing up this additional capacity increases your turnover. 


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Estimated Savings

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