d.velop international GmbH

ecspand — a product of the d.velop group — is the ideal product for Microsoft SharePoint from a technological point of view and offers twelve pre-configured ECM solutions, including Contract Management, Incoming Invoice Processing and Quality Management. Enhancing SharePoint with ecspand adds up to a 100% ECM solution: simple, smart, fast.

d.velop international GmbH, which is part of d.velop AG, is exclusively responsible for the national and international sales of ecspand. Founded in 1992 and based in Gescher, North Rhine-Westphalia, d.velop AG is a supplier of integral solutions for enterprise content management, digital archiving, document management and workflow management. Over 350 employees of the d.velop group and around 150 partner companies worldwide ensure the high quality of the projects. To date, the product has won over more than 840,000 users at more than 3,500 customer businesses.

ecspand not only provides technical features that are missing in SharePoint 2013, such as the connectivity of storage systems or the scanning infrastructure, it also enhances SharePoint with an intelligent information architecture tailored to your business objects and makes information and documents (in the form of files) and procedures available and therefore easily accessible to all users quickly, transparently and beyond the boundaries of SharePoint.

ecspand links SharePoint with ERP and CRM systems such as Dynamics AX, CRM and NAV.

The business cases built up with this loose information form the foundation of advanced solutions such as ecspand Process Management for the comfortable administration of files in all issues relating to customers, suppliers, projects or employees.

An overview of ecspand solutions:

  •     ecspand ERP
  •     ecspand Incoming Invoice Processing
  •     ecspand Migration
  •     ecspand Office Integration
  •     ecspand Quality Management
  •     ecspand Scan
  •     ecspand SharePoint Compliance
  •     ecspand Contract Management
  •     ecspand Process Management
  •     ecspand Personnel File
  •     ecspand Mailroom
  •     ecspand Customer + Supplier

ecspand offers your company and employees the perfect process platform for efficient information management and replaces complex business applications with intelligent standard solutions.

Another benefit of ecspand solutions is the intelligent search. In addition to the convenient full text search, ecspand also offers specific querying with meta data regardless of whether you are working with individual documents or complete file structures.

ecspand helps companies to manage processes and information and therefore save time and money.

ecspand: simple, smart and fast