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Digitalization for public transit

The many challenges we currently face, particularly due to digitalization, demand one thing above all of transit companies: more agility.

With modern analysis technologies and optimized reporting processes, we help you obtain valuable data from your transit business and the immediate environment. Being able to quickly and easily evaluate relevant key figures is a central component of an agile business culture. It lets you answer questions more quickly, significantly broadening the basis for decision-making – your data will be more precise and reliable than ever before.

The new controlling system for the transit sector

Since 2014, over 50 organizations from the transit sector have become COSMO CONSULT customers, including

  • municipal and regional transit companies
  • commissioning authorities
  • railway transit companies
  • affiliations and
  • mobility groups.

One of the deciding factors was the open concept of the new controlling system. It’s based on the idea that transit companies can use their own data without limitation in order to benefit commuters and workers.

And we can open this world of data to you, too. Together, we’ll develop just the right concepts to implement the best analysis and reporting structures for you. With these advanced technological modules, you’ll be able to resolve complex issues on your own. And to make sure it goes well, we’ll train your workers on powerful self-service analysis tools.

A secure basis for business decisions

A comprehensive overview, a single point of truth, professional action monitoring and performance management that lives up to its name – these are the four primary goals of our projects. Our new controlling system lets you automate existing report structures across multiple sources. At the same time, you’ll raise the frequency of reporting: With crucial performance indicators available to them faster, your staff will be able to spring into action whenever a deviation occurs. On top of it all, you’ll significantly reduce their manual workload.

Our solutions will modernize the way your company does reporting: all associations are innovatively visualized, making it easier to identify improvement potentials. After that, you can deduce the necessary actions ad hoc, implement them and monitor them long-term. In addition, mathematical models provide you with forecasts and predictions to help you evaluate alternative decisions on a well-founded basis.

Works with any scenario

To ensure that this happens, we bundle existing technologies with Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Sense and QlikView. Our concepts factor in current trends – from big data to advanced analytics and business intelligence, all the way to digitalization and IoT. Thanks to our years of project experience integrating sector-specific software, we’re able to integrate most makes of system.

Our new controlling method addresses all departments and also includes partners and suppliers. So far, in the course of over 80 projects, we’ve resolved around 120 different data-driven issues.

More than a piece of software

An advanced data & analytics solution is far more than just another software program. For a business, it opens up new perspectives but also the occasional challenge:

  • The transparency created by the solution often brings to light certain data discrepancies. The necessary reconciliation between the individual departments should be assisted from the outside. This ensures that different perspectives are respected or harmonized.
  • Quality analyses with current data or data from the previous day often reveal major potential for improvement. So existing processes should be revised so as to allow for ad hoc administration.
  • Self-service technologies let your staff analyze complex issues on their own. This requires well-founded training, knowledge of your own data sources and internal quality assurance.
  • Data & analytics reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the individual departments. In order to ensure that the system is accepted, the staff and works council should be involved early on.
  • Key figures should be compatible with different perspectives. While executive management requires comprehensive performance management, individual departments are more concerned with key figures relating to operational processes.

Here at COSMO CONSULT, we’re well aware of these challenges, particularly in the public sector. We’ll support you with any issues you may have with regard to the introduction of new data & analytics solutions. We can make recommendations for action, point out potential risks and ensure transparency throughout the introduction process. Our solutions will help you gain a consistent, cross-functional overview of your entire company.

Queries and use cases

We’ve already used our solutions to answer many typical queries from the transit company departments and Management. Here are a few examples:


  • Calculate detailed sales figures
  • Digitalize receipt notifications
  • Availability control for distribution equipment such as ticket machines or on-board computers
  • Transit pass analyses, switching analyses
  • Forecasting
  • Shift monitoring and monitoring of sales partners such as agencies
  • Analysis of VDV (Association of German Transport Undertakings) core applications
  • Geoanalyses
  • Commuter calculation and extrapolation
  • EBE analyses (fare hike analyses)

Financial monitoring

  • Subcontractor billing
  • Transit contract settlement
  • Income monitoring & revenue management
  • Energy costs
  • Train path invoice monitoring
  • Separate accounting
  • Monitor expenditures for transportation equipment
  • Additional financial key figures, e.g. from SAP FI, Diamant, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other systems

Quality management

  • Create a detailed representation of operational quality, factoring in control center, event and demand data
  • Quality control with regard to delays or failures, including penalty forecasting and
  • correlation analyses

Human resources

  • HR performance indicators
  • HR utilization
  • Work schedule efficiency
  • Forecasting of open positions
  • Provisions forecasting

Vehicle fleet management and maintenance

  • Garage monitoring
  • Key production values
  • Key maintenance values
  • Building and track occupation
  • SLA monitoring & manufacturer control
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Causal analyses
  • CAN bus evaluation with current ITCS data

Internal data

  • Operational performance statistics
  • Mileage comparison for target and actual timetable
  • Energy and consumption analyses
  • Quality and route analyses
  • Cause monitoring in case of variations in quality
  • Cost monitoring
  • Subcontractor monitoring
  • Linking of operational and demand data

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